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I’m So in Love with the Enermax Saberay and LiqFusion

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Posted January 11, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Enermax is a crazy amazing company in my opinion. It’s always hard to review certain products because sometimes, price is a hard factor to ignore. If I could take 5 years to review a product, I could quantify quality much better, but in a short time period, it puts us reviewers in tight spots. Then again, there are products that just blow me away beyond imagination. So while I take a second to shed my tears for not being at the Enermax booth this year (#newborn), let’s dive into some amazing looking products with the Saberay, the LIQFusion, and a mining version of the MaxTytan.

Oh Saberay, I’ve dreamed of you every day since the moment I first saw you in 2017! It may have taken a year, but it looks like it will be well worth the wait. For starters, Enermax puts a TON of space in a mid-tower design. I almost feel like it should be a full tower. The space available makes this design excellent for liquid cooling, custom or closed loop. The features I loved most about this case was the one latch, easy to remove panels. Enermax still has those, but you can see the big change that happened from 2017. Enermax added their 4 ring RGB fans to the mix. The lighting is absolutely gorgeous on these fans and it’s even better in this case. The best news is seeing an available date for 2018. The release can’t make it here fast enough!

Next, we need to talk about CLCs and reconsider who makes the best looking unit. Before we do that though, let’s talk about the LIQTech II AIO CPU Cooler. This guy is going to give RGB synchronization to motherboard components and has options for 240, 280 and 360mm rads. Now, Enermax tweeted a few days before CES about a TR4 cooler that has a powerful 450 L/h pump on it. Their Facebook post mentions that the new LIQTech II will have the same “EF1” pump, which means we have some serious cooling potential on these units. Some quality features may be hard to quantify, but these quality features give us a great means to quantify the serious work put into the design of these units.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about what might be the best looking AIO coming to market now. Just look at that combo of pump and fan lighting effects! The only question is if the LIQFusion will actually support a rainbow effect like that, or if that’s just graphic editing to show the range of supported colors. If only I was at CES right now!!! The design on the pump block looks great and I can’t express enough how amazing I think the unit looks. If this unit has similar quality to what seems to be offered by the other units, Enermax is going to be the go-to company for AIO units.

Liquid cooling is great for overclockers, but we still need great PSUs as well. I’m a huge fan of the MaxTytan, but you might be scratching your head as to why Enermax is introducing a PSU that looks like it’s already released. I can help with that! There’s actually only one difference it seems from the MaxTytan for mining and the current 1250W unit they released already. The red button next to the wattage meter looks like it’s the “Boost Button.” With a simple press, you can turn the fan on at full speed while mining, but easily turn it back off when you’re in between sessions. This concept makes practical sense to me, but since I have zero experience with mining, I can’t make a fair judgement on how attractive the feature will end up being.

Look, I’m not saying that my decision to be with my new baby girl wasn’t completely worth it. I can say though, that there is a small part of me that is deeply missing being at CES right now. These release from these companies are great and while there wasn’t a whole lot on my radar ahead of time, there is certainly a ton on my radar now. Enermax has thoroughly impressed me and I am completely in love with what they are doing. Stay posted because there’s still more things to cover from CES 2018!


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