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Gamdias Showed Off Epic RGB PSUs at CES 2018

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Posted January 26, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

The last quarter has been the time to find companies I’ve never heard of before doing amazing things. What started with Aigo continues now with Gamdias. The gold font color and triangle logo certainly gives the feel that an ancient Egyptian or Greek deity is powering this company, enough so that I wouldn’t be surprised if they quickly become a force to be reckoned with. While they may have flown a bit under the radar at CES, they’ve got some new PSU units that look absolutely phenomenal. Once again, why is nobody else doing this!?!

To be fair, what’s really new to me is only slightly new for this company. Gamdias showcased a new 1200w PSU unit that has a platinum efficiency. We’ve heard of that before so what’s the big deal? Go ahead and get your groaning out of the way because I’m going to say RGB lighting, but hear me out. Yes, I LOVE the RGB lighting ring. It even appears to have a spectrum wave/rainbow effect built in which is a big deal to me. However, they fix a major problem with the design of the placement. The fan is placed on the top of the unit and blows down to eventually exhaust out the back. This means that the fancy RGB lighting is something you’ll actually see when the unit is installed! To control heat generation, Gamdias added additional side ventilation for more airflow. Sure, some people may like the traditional method of PSU cooling, but I have a feeling this will nominally, if at all, impact temperatures in the system and who knows? It may even have a net gain on lowering temps in certain cases.

This is how you do a PSU unit if you want it to be RGB. It’s bothered me so much to see lighting effects that 90% of the cases on the market will ensure that it’s never seen. Gamdias wanted their PSU to standout and they actually considered how to design that properly. On top of that, did you notice that the design on the vents are completely unique? Who would of thought that you didn’t have to use a fan grill!?! In the end, there may be other units doing unique things, but this kind of design is certainly an exception and not a rule.



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