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Did You Know the SSD is a Mini-Computer? Samsung Introduces 860 Pro and Evo SATA Drives

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Posted January 23, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

Did you know that your SSD is pretty much a mini-computer in your computer? I sure as heck didn’t! You might be ahead of the curve on this one, but for those who aren’t (or just like to make fun of an ignorant tech geek), bear with me on this. Samsung just announced their new line of SATA SSDs and this was the first time I noticed a spec for Cache Memory in the listings. Needless to say, LPDDR4 sounds like a nice upgrade for performance and if that’s not enough, well the Samsung 860 Pro and Evo have capacities up to 4 TB. FOUR TERABYTES!!!

Seeing DDR4 immediately got my attention. I honestly didn’t know that SSDs had a small amount of memory in them and as I researched into why that would be, I was impressed at how similar it was to a full desktop computer. The Controller is essentially the CPU of the SSD, which in this case is the Samsung MJX. It sort of acts as the liaison between the rest of the PC and the NAND modules. However, when it comes to processes like writes or prefetch, the DRAM helps balance those loads out for the controller, similar to the CPU and RAM in the desktop. This is a basic understanding I gleaned from forums and while the concept seems to make sense, don’t completely take my word for it. The LPDDR4 being used as the Cache Memory in the new 860 drives sounds like it could help with loading performance though, maybe in gaming scenarios where there’s lots of zones to load.

Even if the RAM upgrade doesn’t amount to a ton of extra performance, Samsung has a 4 TB CAPACITY! I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to get over that. At this point even if zone loading doesn’t drastically change, you can have plenty of space to install a gajillion titles. Considering the consumer nature of the 860 series, this is a great step in the right direction for SSDs. If you have any input on the technical nature of SSDs, leave a comment in the forums. Check out the link below for more information, such as the top of the line read/write performance and the full details on that epic Samsung durability.


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