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Crucial Announces MX500 SSDs….. Again?

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Posted January 11, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CES

This one confused me for quite a bit because I saw the tweet and immediately thought of the numerous MX drives I’m currently using. Turns out they are all MX300 variants, which cleared up all of my confusion. Crucial is looking to upgrade the MX lineup by using Micron’s 2nd generation 64-layer 3D TLC NAND. On paper, the speed improvements seem small, but it certainly puts the drives in closer range to some of the stalwarts of the SATA SSD realm.

The charts will give you a great side-by-side comparison of the performance specs. Just click on the thumbnails to make them larger. The other difference that isn’t readily available there though, is the updates in the controller. The MX300 series used a Marvell one, but the new MX500 series will use the Silicon Motion SM2258. I had read that the MX300 suffered in performance because of the Marvell controller and even though my personal experience is great with them, it does give opportunity for the MX500 to give a significant improvement. Check out the link below to see more info at Crucial’s site, especially since the MX500 will likely be a great option for a storage upgrade.


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