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Ain’t Your Daddy’s ASRock! Killing it with M-ATX Threadripper Board

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Posted January 11, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CES

ASRock used to be the company you sort of settled with because of your budget, while you wished you could afford something better. Lately though, ASRock has been the must have company, yet they still fit into that nice budget. While I can’t vouch for their Intel boards as much, I’m finishing up a review of the X370 Taichi and, spoiler alert, that board might be the best AM4 one on the market to date. With CES in full swing, it looks like ASRock has a M-ATX Threadripper board as well as some others to announce.

Squeezing Threadripper into an M-ATX factor may not seem possible, but the X399M Taichi proves it can be done. Of course, ASRock proves more than the simple fact it can be done. Sure, you do end up with only 4 RAM slots, but there’s still an 11 power phase design, Purity Sound 4 and a decent number of USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections. The heatsink design also looks excellent with it’s grey color design, especially since it will easily complement nearly any component or case. ASRock managed to do a similar concept with the X299M Extreme4, which supports LGA 2066 Intel chips and they also announced a new mini desktop system. Those are bit less on the overclocking features I usually queue in on, but you can check out more details in the link below.

I have to admit, going smaller on the form factor is becoming more appealing to me, especially when power isn’t sacrificed. Full ATX boards are still offering more in overclocking and features, but the X399M Taichi is an impressive step for M-ATX. While I haven’t had a hands on experience with this board, if the X370 Taichi is any indication, ASRock may have one of the best boards to consider for Threadripper as well. Don’t forget to check in for more news and keep an eye out for the ASRock X370 Taichi motherboard review coming up soon.


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