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Volta May Dominate the GPU World: Nvidia Unveils the Titan V

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Posted December 8, 2017 by Josh Jackson in News

I’m guessing HBM2 is the real deal since we’re finally getting the opportunity to see it in an Nvidia card. Also, I’m seriously doubting Nvidia will lose the highest performing GPU crown for quite some years to come. One thing’s for certain, this company has done an impressive job with each new architecture release and the new Titan V is just the latest to raise what already was a very high bar.

It’s easy to dismiss marketing jargon in this day and age of hardware releases, yet the 9x performance increase in deep learning is still a pretty solid accomplishment. Deep learning won’t help the average user directly, but looking at the normal performance numbers indicates around a 25% performance leap from the Titan XP. Considering the increase in transistors and performance, it’s very impressive that the TDP is still at 250W. Just when we thought Maxwell and Pascal were enough to curb our enthusiast appetites, Volta shows that too much performance is never a problem in the computer world.

The Titan V reminds me of what hardware releases used to be about. We may not get a release every 6 months, but we do get a sizeable performance increase and it turns out for most of us, getting two years to let the budget recover is much better for purchasing an upgrade. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the gaming card releases, but Volta is something worth looking forward to. Check out Nvidia’s site for the rest of the details!


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