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Why the Quadraclicks RBT is the Best Competitive Gaming Mouse

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Posted October 9, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Gaming

I’ve already done a full review on PureOC about the RBT, but the recent design update made me want to post a quick write up about it. On top of that, I’ve had months to analyze every detail of my previous experience, which has allowed me to give a detailed explanation of exactly what is happening with my hand when I’m using Quadraclick’s design. I know some people will still have a hard time believing it, but I have to call the Quadraclick RBT the best competitive gaming mouse design in existence right now.

It’s a known fact that boosting can save you plenty of time. You can get a higher rank without any effort that would have taken you days or weeks. Once you have got a lol boost, your goal is not just to be there. Your goal is to maintain your rank. As you keep playing, you strive for master and diamond boosts. You learn to play the game even better.

My video above will give a full detailed explanation, but I want to quickly sum up what is happening. Using the tips of the fingers to make mouse clicks happen can actually cause tension in the hand that pulls your cursor out of place. When accuracy is paramount though, say in editing or competitive gaming, you have to hold an inordinate amount of tension in your hand to counter act those movements. It would explain why certain users suffer from carpal tunnel and why competitive gamers seem to wear down their reaction time so quickly in the eSports scene. Granted, these are just theories on my part since I don’t have the ability to test large focus groups, but I hope it helps in understanding where I’m coming from. When you use the base of the finger to actuate the mouse buttons, it seems to fit more naturally with the ergonomic movement of the hand and also prevents mouse movement during clicks, which is why the RBT feels so great in gaming.

In short, I’d have to say that if you don’t have an RBT yet, go to the Indiegogo page and reserve one for yourself. That said, the major drawback of the RBT at the current time is the fairly high price point compared to most other gaming mice. I do believe the price is worth it since I expect a completely new design like this to cost more than usual, but I hope that time and adoption will help bring pricing down in the future. I’m really hoping that Quadraclicks takes off after launching this design and I hope the RBT helps gamers retake the joy of gaming without degradation in their mouse hand.


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