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Tunai Drum Earbuds (Quick) Review

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Posted October 6, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Other

Most of the time, we reviewers here at Pure Overclock take our time doing a nice long review. On the other hand, we don’t always get an engineering sample of a piece of audio equipment either. Tunai recently launched a Kickstarter for their Drum Earbuds which already eclipsed their goal of $15,000. I was optimistic about the chances that their audio set would work well, but now that I’ve had the chance to officially test them, I can fully recommend what Tunai is doing.

For starters, the claim to higher levels of bass and the comparison to other products seems to be as accurate as any promotional graph I’ve ever seen. While I haven’t specifically listened to some of the other products mentioned, I could easily tell the Drum had superior bass for earbuds, with the higher frequency ranges not being quite as strong as other devices I’ve used in the past. That said, high range tones like clicking or clacking in gaming came through pretty well, where some bass heavy audio devices can make it very hard to hear those kind of sounds at all. A minor adjustment from software equalizers will likely make up the difference for most listening scenarios.

The other aspect I really liked about the Drum was how comfortable they were, which is a HUGE plus for me. Unless I use the smallest of small ear tips on these kind of devices, they inevitably cause pain after wearing them for several minutes. The engineering sample didn’t give me the option of smaller tips, but I also didn’t need to shove the device hard into my ear to get the higher level of sound quality either. As a result, I could slide these comfortably inside my ear and that seems to be another great benefit of the the larger driver Tunai has implemented in their device. While I can easily say these aren’t the greatest device I’ve ever listened to, these are easily the best pair of earbuds I’ve ever used, with genuine powerful bass.

The MSRP for the Drum is $39.99 and that feels like a good price for the level of quality this unit offers. The early bird specials are already taken up, but the $24 DRUMMER deal is excellent if you still want to take advantage of the Kickstarter campaign. You can check out the link below for the full details there. If you want further details on the sound, don’t forget to check out my video review as well. Let us know if you picked up a pair in the forums, tell us what you think and we’ll catch ya’ later!

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