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GeIL Announces SUPER LUCE RGB Series Gaming Memory Featuring RGB Illumination

Posted September 20, 2017 by Josh Jackson in News


Available in 2133MHz to 3200MHz Frequencies

Verified by combinations of AM4 motherboards and AMD Ryzen processors

Taipei, Taiwan — September 19th, 2017 GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – one of the world’s leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers announced SUPER LUCE RGB Series Gaming Memory featuring RGB LED illumination – SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC, and SUPER LUCE RGB LITE. Inheriting the stylish design from the previous generation, SUPER LUCE RGB Series Gaming Memory upgrades the LED lighting effect from single color LED to RGB LED, providing the fanciest lighting effect for gamers looking for RGB memory products without cable management. Heat spreaders are available in black and white color themes to match different gaming PC build preferences. SUPER LUCE RGB Series Gaming Memory also available in AMD Edition modules that have been verified across a large number of AM4 motherboards and AMD Ryzen processors.

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With the demand for RGB illuminated PC components rapidly growing, not only hardcore gamers but also mainstream users are looking for fancy RGB gaming memory. GeIL SUPER LUCE RGB Series Gaming Memory comes in 2 versions, SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC and SUPER LUCE RGB LITE, targeting at different segments to provide full range of products and solutions. Perfectly supporting ASUS AURA lighting control app, SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC allows users to enjoy the seamless synchronization of RGB lighting effects from the motherboard, graphics card, light strips, and memory kits. The cable-less design is a great plus to simplify the cable management. Starting at a clock speed of 2133MHz and scaling up to 3200MHz, GeIL SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC is the excellent choice for hardcore gamers.

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SUPER LUCE RGB LITE targets at the mainstream market demand as well as gaming beginners looking for RGB illuminated gaming memory without complicated software configurations and installations. SUPER LUCE RGB LITE is cable less RGB illumination design and provides default colorful and fluid RGB lighting, which shows another easy way to experience the RGB LED illumination for mainstream gamers. Clocked at the speed of 2133MHz and scaling up to 3000MHz with better and more affordable price point for gamers.

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Super Luce RGB Series Gaming Memory Product Specification

Super Luce RGB Sync Super Luce RGB Lite
Form Factor LONG DIMM
DDR Generation DDR4
Frequency 2133~3200MHz 2133~3000MHz
Kit Capacity 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
Module Capacity 4GB/8GB 4GB/8GB/16GB
Channel Single/Dual/Quad Single/Dual
CAS Latency CL15 – 17 CL14 – 17
Operating Voltage 1.2~1.35V 1.2V~1.35V
Compatibility Supports ASUS AURA lighting control app
Additional Technology Intel XMP 2.0
Warranty GeIL Limited Lifetime Warranty
Country of Origin Designed & made in Taiwan

Super Luce RGB Series available at Newegg: https://goo.gl/btYYkJ

Official Webpage:

· Super Luce RGB Sync: http://www.geil.com.tw/products/list/id/173

· Super Luce RGB Sync AMD Edition: http://www.geil.com.tw/products/list/id/174

· Super Luce RGB Lite: http://www.geil.com.tw/products/list/id/169

· Super Luce RGB Lite AMD Edition: http://www.geil.com.tw/products/list/id/170

Product images download:

· Super Luce RGB Sync: https://goo.gl/mR6WSY

· Super Luce RGB Lite: https://goo.gl/bjHcJC

About GeIL
GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – one of the world’s leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers that concentrate in making the most innovative products, from memory modules to gaming peripherals for PC enthusiasts worldwide.

Established in 1993, GeIL has soon become one of the most trusted memory professionals in the industry. In the year 2000, with the vast knowledge of tweaking and producing some of the world’s fastest DRAM modules, GeIL shook the PC enthusiast market and changed it for the better. The introduction of the first ever memory heat-spreader, the dual-channel packaged memory kit and lifetime warranty are all innovative concepts that GeIL introduced in the PC DIY market. GeIL has focused on perfecting the technologies of IC testing, memory burn-in and quality assurance for memory products across all segments of the market.

GeIL memory is now trusted and distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. In Oct. 2016, GeIL announced their market expansion into North America through a co-operation with Newegg.com to provide customers more purchasing channels, and better user experience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geilmemory
Twitter: https://twitter.com/geilmemory
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/geilmemory


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