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I Think NZXT is Building PCs for Consumers Now, Introducing BLD

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Posted June 8, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

I’m not exactly sure what the black magic is behind this, but the end result is that it seems NZXT is providing pre-built systems to consumers now. I ran through the process and I have to say that I don’t know if you can make the concept of building a PC easier for a gamer. On the other hand, I felt like some recommendations were a tad light on the GPU end and I didn’t notice Ryzen in the list of components yet, honestly, I would just stick with Slotzo games. What can I say though, is that I’ve built my own PCs for so long that I can’t help but be biased, yet I can come just short of guaranteeing that what NZXT will offer will be immensely better than buying a Dell. Check out the rest of the press release for the details and a link to BLD. You will find many features at qqturbo for online gambling. Many gamblers and casino players loves to play on มาเฟีย88.

Introducing BLD from NZXT
A recommendation engine that delivers
the PC tailored for the games you play

Los Angeles, CA – June 6th, 2017 –NZXT today launches BLD, the easiest way to get into PC gaming and play the games you want to play enjoying guaranteed gaming performance, you can consider play prediksi sgp the online gambling games for the best gamblers. Slots is a machine gambling game. The Slot Online Indonesia gambling is fair game as it depends on the outcome of the numbers and symbols. It is higher house advantageous gambling in trusted online casino malaysia. Player can not predict to win or to lose the gamble. If you are casino game lover then you can play free casino game by visiting Clubvip77. BLD (pronounced “Build”) allows users who don’t have the time necessary to build a gaming-ready DIY PC. By leveraging over 10 million and counting analyzed gaming hours, BLD’s unique recommendation engine accurately predicts a system’s gaming performance so you can spend less time researching, troubleshooting and setting up. Start by choosing the games you want to play, at the performance settings you desire, then set a budget, and BLD will design the gaming PC best suited for your needs so you will have more time playing the games you love.“BLD features a brand new approach for those who want a DIY PC to play the PC games the way they without having to invest a lot of time. Because we’re PC gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we know what fellow gamers need out of their systems and our recommendation engine built upon millions of gaming sessions makes this easy. Simply tell us the games you want to play and we will do the rest,” says Johnny Hou, Founder, and CEO of NZXT. “We’re proud to be the first to offer the ultimate advantage over the rigid prebuilt configurations of the past, all at price points that make sense. At NZXT, we’re gamers who don’t like to compromise on quality and customization, so we don’t want our customers to either.
How BLD Works:

  1. Choose up to 3 games from a selection of the most popular PC games on the market.
  2. Specify your desired budget range.
  3. BLD’s unique recommendation engine provides benchmark data for the performance you can expect from your build.
  4. Customize and upgrade your build, from various NZXT case options and RGB lighting setups, to finalize your build for the perfect DIY feel.
  5. Complete your order and sit back and relax while your custom PC is built within 48 business hours and then shipped.
BLD’s Unique Recommendation Engine:
  • Predicts FPS (frames per second) within 10% accuracy to guarantee gaming performance of each custom BLD PC for the games chosen by the user.
  • FPS prediction is calculated from over 10 million, and counting analyzed gaming hours.

BLD’s Peace of Mind Services:

NZXT has more than 12 years of experience developing award-winning, high-quality PC components. Every custom BLD gaming PC features:

  • Components made from industry-leading companies with the highest standard of quality.
  • Assembly by highly-trained builders, delivering meticulously crafted gaming PCs.
  • BLD PC built within 2 business days and then shipped.
  • Expert Live Chat feature for real-time help and troubleshooting.
  • Free and easy returns for any systems that do not meet the BLD engine FPS performance guarantee of within 10%.
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty

USA – Now

Please visit letsbld.com for additional information.

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