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Corsair Takes their Lighting Control to the Next Level, Reveals Awesome Concept Cases, and Launches Water Resistant Keyboard

Posted June 8, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Corsair got busy the last couple of weeks with things that are bound to make a few of us drool. Of course, with Computex having finished, it was bound to be a busy press week so of course I’d have several releases to catch up on. I already saw the tweets for the new RGB lighting control and I have to say that I love what I’ve seen. On top of that though, we have some new case concepts, as well as the launch of a water resistant K68 keyboard.

The LED control on Corsair’s RGB products looks fantastic. Of course, photos tend to do that, but it seems like we’re getting the option of individual LED control which is a great addition to products like the Crystal series cases. The concepts that were showcased at CES look like they were pretty fun to design, even if they don’t end up as consumer level products. Forget water cooling builds, you can fit small children (or reviewers) inside the design of the one case. On top of that, Corsair released a water resistant keyboard while managing to still give us mechanical switches and LED backlighting. While I’m not prone to spill stuff on my keyboard, I did have a cat puke on one which effectively ruined it as well, so water resistant can be extremely useful to have.

There’s a few shots of the products so you have a rough idea of what happened, but for full details simply follow the links below. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited about that beautiful RGB awsomeness being showcased in a Crystal chassis, but I’m sure many of you will find interest in everything else offered as well. That seemed to cover the major highlights Corsair had at CES and stay tuned to PureOC for more news and reviews!

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