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R.B.T. (Right ‘Bove Touch) Could Revolutionize the Mouse

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Posted May 1, 2017 by Josh Jackson in News

There is nothing inherently wrong with the mouse. We’ve been using it for decades now and with the exception of a few outlandish ergonomic mice, the overall design hasn’t changed. For average, light, infrequent use, there will be no noticeable repercussion. However, competitive gaming has greatly increased the frequency in which we move, click, and overall abuse the mouse. This has led to carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries, giving the active pro-gamer a severely limited career. Unfortunately, there are no ergonomic mice that can perform on a pro gaming level. Gamer and inventor Qeric Koten believes he’s found a solution.


Qeric’s R.B.T. (Right ‘Bove Touch, pronounced “rabbit”) was not just developed for ergonomics, but for speed and function. The R.B.T. ‘s most important feature is the point of contact for clicking. A traditional mouse uses the distal phalanges, pads of the fingertips, to press in the left and right click. What the R.B.T. does differently is move the point of contact of clicking to the proximal phalanges, the first section of finger closest to the palm. The result is less strain on wrist ligaments (fewer muscles needed to click) and faster reaction speeds. Qeric says that this change in clicking point reduces the distance that the nervous system has to reach in order to react. In essence, shorter distance equals faster clicks.


While speed is key, ergonomics remains an important part of it’s allure. The unique design hopes to allow gamers who have received constant wrist pain in pro gaming to continue to play the games they love. If you’ve ever rapidly clicked your mouse for anything, you likely stiffen part of your arm or hand to bounce off the clicker as fast as possible. The R.B.T. reduces the effort needed to perform such tasks. If you are a gamer who positions their wrist behind the mouse and flat against the desk, this would be the mouse (rabbit) for you.

ezwnwdeczzzmaajahscn The R.B.T. has all of the potential of a literal game changer, not only for gaming but for the design of all future mice. However, in order for this mouse to get off the ground, it’s going to need some help in its Indiegogo campaign. While the pricing for a mouse is steep, remember that this isn’t some guy putting a new skin on a mass produced mouse design. He has to redo the way a mouse is made from the ground up. If R.B.T takes off running though, it could be massive relief to professional designers and gamers alike who suffer from carpal tunnel. If the idea sounds good, check out the campaign at the link below, see if you’d like to support it, and check out the galleries below for more information, including our stop by the booth at CES last January!


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