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Latest X299 Response to Ryzen Indicates AMD has a Great Release

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Posted May 15, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

AMD’s Ryzen release has been picked apart pretty well now, but it still stands as a solid release from team Red. Performance has been under the microscope so much, that power efficiency could get overlooked. Part of that is the fact that Intel doesn’t offer the wide range of variety in core counts that Ryzen has right now, but the other part is the fact that the wait for Intel competition has been long as well. However, with Skylake X about to release on the X299 platform, it strange to say that Intel looks like they’re struggling with power efficiency compared to AMD.

X299 (1)

WCCFTech has more info on the upcoming chips from Intel, including TDP ratings. I still can’t wrap my head on around the 7740K that is supposedly the “fastest” chip in the Kaby Lake lineup. When you go down the chart, the specs are identical accept for the socket type. Oh, and it somehow has a higher TDP in spite of having the same clockspeeds and L3 Cache. Moving on to the new i9 chips though, their TDPs range from 140W to 160W. This seems to show us two really important things about Intel. The great news is that Intel hasn’t been holding back single-thread performance for the purpose of squeezing the market dry. Their IPC architecture is truly a marvel. The bad news is that Intel could’ve been offering more cores to buyers way before now. Considering the flagship gives us 12 cores and 24 threads pretty easily, it’s hard to imagine why mainstream has been stuck with 4 cores and 4 threads for as long as it has been. At roughly the same TDP and price, AMD is offering 6 cores and 12 threads, with other options that drop the TDP to a meager 65W!

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Once again, this shows a huge win for AMD on the power efficiency scale. When Ryzen lacks the IPC performance of it’s counterparts, only to have an even trade in TDP performance, it tells me that AMD really is back in the CPU game. It’s extremely possible that as manufacturing and architectural designs mature, we’ll see some TDP ratings rise, but we’ll likely see computing performance rise as well. The X299 platform will no doubt be a flat-out, performance king, but it’s likely it will also have that nasty price premium that will terrify the majority of our wallets.


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