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Enermax’s Awesome RGB Reservoirs are Here! The NEOChanger

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Posted May 13, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

I was completely taken off guard by Enermax/Lepa when I visited their booth in January. They had some great looking products, yet it felt like there wasn’t enough people taking notice. My feelings on the subject could be completely off, but it isn’t going to stop me from showing off more releases I think many builders would be interested in. It looks like the Enermax NEOChanger Reservoir and Pump kits are about to release and while I may be one of the few writers that gets excited about everything RGB, I’m really excited about the lighting on these units.

image001 image002 (1)

There’s much more going on with these units than a simple RGB lighting effect. For starters, the RGB cycles can be controlled separately by an included remote if you need stand alone lighting control. However, the lighting can also sync with your motherboard’s if it has a 4-pin RGB header. The best part though is the flow rating on that pump. At 900 L/h, these seem like extremely capable units for a custom loop with multiple components. Top it all off with an RPM meter and it looks like a great offering from Enermax.

Performance is a primary concern for many of us, but I still feel like RGB lighting is a great addition to any great part. Surely I’m not the only one who ends up staring at color cycle effects for minutes at at a time! Check out the rest of the press release below for more details and specifications. Stay tuned at PureOC because we plan to have a more detailed look at the NEOChanger soon!

NEOChanger PR (1) NEOChanger PR (2) NEOChanger PR (3) NEOChanger PR (4)

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