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BIOSTAR Beats Everyone to the Punch with AM4 Mini ITX Boards

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Posted April 21, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

Wow! Biostar is getting pretty serious about their motherboards and if community response is any indication, they may have a huge win on their hands here. It looks like they released two versions sporting the mini ITX form factor in the X370GTN and B35oGTN. Based on the questions I’ve seen, it looks like several people will be excited to have a mini ITX board to pair with Ryzen and the fact that these belong to the Racing series is a nice bonus. The only mystery left is why Biostar chose to release two chipset versions of what appears to be the same board.


If you follow the link above, you’ll notice I ran a comparison of the two boards. The only difference I can find is the chipset. Personally, I feel like several companies are missing out on the true opportunity of the X370 and B350 chipsets. B350 is like it’s bigger brother in almost every way, but it doesn’t multiple graphics card configurations. That’s the only major difference. What this means is that the B350 can offer quality overclocking and high end board features while still maintaining smaller form factors and better cost efficiency. In other words, X370 should only be on full ATX motherboards with the intention to Crossfire or SLI, while B350 should be more of the mainstream chipset, offering options for good overclocking, but also relegating itself to the mATX or mini ITX form factors. I’m surprised we don’t see more gaming boards on B350, while X370 goes to more of the enthusiast and professional boards.

On the plus side, the Biostar B350GTN is slightly cheaper than the X370GTN and that’s the huge benefit of the B350 chipset. Performance wise, there should be no difference between the two. Either way, it’s nice to finally see mini ITX releasing for Ryzen. Check out the links below for more info and keep checking in at PureOC.




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