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Rosewill is Expanding Color Options on the Cullinan PC Case

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Posted March 30, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

The first time I saw the Cullinan, it looked like a huge win to me. The tempered glass panels and 12 LED, blue light fans looked excellent in all of the pictures I saw. I’m guessing the case has been pretty popular with consumers because Rosewill is releasing a red LED and white LED version of the design. Will the next step for the Cullinan involve RGB? One can certainly hope, but for now the extra variety is a welcomed addition to a marvelous looking case.

Even though I’m completely in love with RGB everything, having blue, red and white LED options are great in my opinion. These color schemes do a good job of covering what I feel the majority of builders like to see when purchasing a case. While RGB would cover all the needs, it can also add a lot to the cost, which Rosewill likes to keep as low as possible for their consumers. While that can mean a giant ax to quality with some companies, Rosewill has done a great job, in my opinion, of keeping their products from being junky either. Cullinan Red white (2)The Cullinan has 3 glass panels, including the side panel that covers the cable management. On one hand, you better make sure you keep those cables are clean, but on the other, it certainly makes the series look extremely professional for those who put tons of attention to the finer details of their build.

It looks like Newegg already has the options for red and white Cullinan cases beside the original blue one. It also has a pretty nice sale of $130 at the time of writing this, which I think is an incredible bang for the buck when you consider how much tempered glass is involved with this case. I pulled a couple extra screenshots for you to look at, and don’t forget to check the links below for more information on the cases!



Cullinan Red white (4) Cullinan Red white (3)

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