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AMD Ryzen 5 CPU Series: The Biggest Game Changer Yet!

Posted March 26, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

April 11th is the official launch date of the Ryzen 5 series of processors from AMD. You’ve probably seen that we’re really happy with the Ryzen 7 release, but I think Ryzen 5 is a more disruptive force than 7 is. One slide pretty much says it all, which is why I wanted to showcase it below. We have 4 core, 8 thread and 6 core, 12 thread CPUs that range in price from $169 to $249. From what I’ve seen, a 6 core CPU is the best you can get for gaming before additional cores start going to waste. Can anyone say gamer’s choice?

Ryzen 5 Sum up

Below is the rest of the presentation from AMD. This will give you more details on what’s to come and help you make a final decision on if you should pick up one of these guys or not. (Hint, you probably should!)


Ryzen 5 (1) Ryzen 5 (2) Ryzen 5 (3) Ryzen 5 (4) Ryzen 5 (5) Ryzen 5 (6) Ryzen 5 (7) Ryzen 5 (8) Ryzen 5 (9) Ryzen 5 (10)


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