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Ryzen AM4 Motherboards Resurface: Aorus, Titanium and Crosshair VI in the Mix

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Posted February 2, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

For anyone looking for mini-ITX love today, I’m sorry I don’t have that for you. For those wanting to see AMD have high-end ATX motherboards again, I’ve got ya’ covered. AMD had a “Meet The Experts” webinar recently which revealed more details on the new AM4 boards coming with Ryzen. It’s been so long since we’ve seen fully up-to-date boards for team Red that I had to show off some of the great additions coming from Gigabyte, MSI and Asus.

Gigabyte-AORUS-GA-AX370-Gaming-5-Custom-1-1140x760 Gigabyte-AORUS-AM4-Motherboards_2-1140x640

Let’s start off with Gigabyte’s big showing since this board already looks very impressive. If you’ve followed Gigabyte recently, you know they started a new branding of high end motherboards by putting them under the Aorus badge. It looks like the board from the slide is named the AX370 Gaming 5, which is interesting because that leaves room for even beefier boards down the road. I also say interesting because the Gaming 5 looks very impressive in its own right. A quick count indicates a 10 phase VRM, support for the new RGB fusion feature and other Aorus features like Smart Fan. Having been on AM3+ since Vishera, you can imagine I’m quivering with excitement at how excellent this board is looking in comparison.

MSI-X370-XPOWER-Gaming-Titanium-Custom-1-1140x760 MSI-AM4-Motherboards_12-1140x639

MSI is bringing their big guns to the designing table by introducing AM4 to their Titanium series lineup. Titanium is the overclocker’s dream in a lot of ways, but I still can’t get over how great that silver PCB looks on the design. It still seems to have every bit of the sparkle and design we’ve seen from the previous releases. On top of that, we’ll get to see the M.2 shield, DDR4 Boost feature, and 1-click performance boost which are some of their best features recently. Unfortunately, there still doesn’t seem to be an announcement on any gaming series for the X370 chipset, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some of those.

ASUS-AM4-Motherboards_Crosshair-VI-Hero ASUS-AM4-Motherboards_6-1140x638

Finally, Asus is joining the fray by bringing back a familiar face. Personally, bringing back the Crosshair line is a bit of a painful memory for me. The Formula-Z was the worst motherboard experience I’ve ever had and I would almost dismiss this entirely. Thankfully, I finally switched over to a Sabertooth R2.0 which was a great workhorse and the best 990FX board I’ve used to date and deciding on buying a 970 Pro Gaming Aura ended up being an awesome choice for overclocking the FX-6350. In light of this, seeing a evolved Crosshair VI Hero is pretty exciting since I’m sure it will be far superior to the V. As with the other releases we’re seeing, advanced lighting, connectivity, and cooling controls are all catching up to the current technology of the day. On the other hand, Asus could easily take some overclocking crowns if they keep up with their track record.

While most of the info is nothing surprising, getting to get some nice shots of the upcoming AM4 boards seems worth the trouble of having an article. I know I’m not alone when I say that it’s really nice to see AMD look like they have something competitive with Ryzen. We still have a little bit more waiting time before we see if all the hype pays off, but I have a feeling AMD fans are going to be pretty pleased with what’s in store for them.


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