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New Leaked Benchmarks Show Ryzen being Crazy Competitive

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Posted February 15, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

Finally! Finally! Finally! We have the first leaked benchmark for Ryzen that shows us AMD is back in a big way!!! Granted, we’re still in the leak/rumor phase of this ordeal, but at this point it’s looking way more realistic to say that AMD is going to be competing heavily with Intel in the CPU market. There’s several performance numbers, but it’s the single-threaded chart and the price leaks that should utterly blow your mind, especially since it’s been so long since we’ve seen something like this on the CPU side.

I started trying to get this single threaded benchmark announced earlier this week, but my schedule only allows me to do so much. However, some leaked benchmarks are showing us that AMD seems to be living up to their claims in big way. In two recent cases, the leaks show performance per core that matches the level of Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs. Considering many of us would have been happy to merely see Sandy Bridge level of single thread performance, this is huge news. However, the really big deal is the expected pricing schemes of the new chips. Even though the top tier 8 core, 16 thread chip will cost $499, it’s looking like the entry level one will only cost $319. The 6 core 12 thread variants are ranging from $230-$260 and what I would really deem as the i7 killers are the 4 core 8 thread chips that range from $175 to $199.

While Kaby Lake looks like it’s going to maintain it’s single core performance lead, I doubt the disparity will be noticeable on day-to-day or gaming use levels and for once, Intel is consuming more power than AMD chips are. (Oh, did I mention price!?!) What I love about Ryzen is that AMD is providing the perfect gaming chip at the perfect price. The 6 core versions are not only in the perfect budget, but they give the maximum number of cores that I’ve seen AAA titles be able to take advantage of. After 6 cores, the performance doesn’t seem to increase barely at all in other reviews I’ve read in the past few months. For me, I don’t see AMD as trying to simply compete with Intel, but I see them trying to give consumers exactly what they need to get the computing experience they want at exactly the price ranges that are acceptable. I’m extremely excited about Ryzen and I think the future of PC building is getting a whole, heck-of-a-lot brighter!





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