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Intel Responding to Ryzen with i7-7740K and i5-7640K

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Posted February 7, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

We keep telling you competition is great for the consumer and this latest bit of news seems to be confirming this rather well. It looks like Intel is going to have an early response to Ryzen by adding a couple of chips to their high-end Kaby Lake lineup. While nothing in the specs are earth shattering, their is one rumor that is particularly intriguing and there’s little doubt that pricing is going to get pretty interesting with the new additions.

The subjects of our release discussion are the i7-7740K and the i5-7640K. The 7740K looks like a simple up scaling of the original 7700K, trading higher frequencies for higher TDP. The 7640K is taking a similar approach, but what makes it really interesting is the rumor that it might sport hyper-threading. As all of you probably know, HT is something the i5s have been lacking so if this turns out, the 7640K could be a gamer’s dream come true. It does leave the question of what position the quad core i7s end up in as a result, though. We’ve already seen how close an i3 can come to an i5 when it’s unlocked, so I doubt the 7640K will be far behind it’s bigger brothers if it ends up with HT.

The biggest news is that it looks like the pricing is going to be fairly reasonable. It’s not confirmed yet, but the previous versions look like they’ll take a bit of a drop and I imagine the new versions will release at a slightly higher than usual price. If the 7640K ends up around a $275 price point, I think it will be a very tempting offer for hold outs who haven’t updated an aging platform yet. Even though it feels like it’s long overdue, I’m really excited about seeing some new variety coming from Intel. Check out the links below for the release news with more info and we’ll try to keep you covered on more details as they unfold.



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