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OPSEAT has a Gaming Chair for You

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Posted January 20, 2017 by Josh Jackson in News

I was never a true believer in gaming chairs; at least not until I came across these Brazen Sound Chairs. I once sat in one during CES that made every muscle in body breathe of sigh of pure ecstasy. Picking up a good gaming chair seems like an easy task, but after seeing several $300+ price tags, I began to realize that while I probably SHOULD pick up a chair that would benefit my general physical well-being, I could also choose to buy a GTX 1070 instead. Thankfully, I stumbled across a new company looking to help fill the gap between cheap throwaways and premium price tags with OPSEAT.

OPSEAT might be a new name for you and it’s no surprise considering they look like they were founded in 2015. Looking through their website, they aren’t making any outstanding claim to fame, but rather telling prospective buyers about the build quality and normal features of the chair. While the Amazon review count is still fairly small, the ratings are very favorable and it seems most, if not all customers are very happy with the product. The big reason to bring it up is the $220 price tag. That’s a good price for a chair that seems to be checking the comfort box well. I’ve heard of some coupon codes that dropped that to an even $200. At that price, it’s hard to argue with what’s happening here.opseat_featured_purple

OPSEAT may not have a unique feature that separates it from every other gaming chair out there, but they seem to have a really good balance of cost and quality. Some of the main feature trades I noticed were a shorter warranty and a conventional, rather than multi-functional, tilt. These seem like completely reasonable trade offs to get a chair that could make a huge difference on your back. While some of you may want to wait to see more response in the future, I thought it would at least be something you’d want to be aware of in case you have a birthday coming up!



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