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How did I miss this Intel Pentium Chip!?!

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Posted January 19, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

Let me start off by saying that a large part of the “how” is the fact that things have been quite busy as of late. That said, I still have to wonder how I missed this release!!! Intel has been upping their game in the budget sector and the Kaby Lake Pentium series are bound to open up great budget opportunities for those trying to make affordable gaming rigs. Computer Base did some pretty extensive testing of the Pentium G4560 and the results are rather impressive for a chip that is extremely cost effective.

The review article isn’t in English, so I figured I should mention that you might want to use a browser that has a translation feature for the link below. That said, the graphs easily show what’s happening with this chip. While the FX-6300 has long been my favorite budget CPU, Intel really changes everything with a dual core design that can outperform a 6 core chip. When you consider that the price on this guy is $64, it’s hard to argue against recommending it, even if the 6300 can be overclocked. The hidden secret that’s giving these great performance numbers is the fact that these Pentium chips introduced hyper-threading to the dual-core design. That little bit of extra data piping adds a solid amount of extra performance, while still keeping the chip at an extremely cost effective price point. The single core performance has always been great so gaming rigs and workstations alike will see a huge benefit to using the G4560 in wallet friendly builds.

If you only glance at Kaby Lake, it’s easy to claim that it’s a disappointing release, but it only takes a slightly closer look to realize that Intel did some really great things with this line up. A deeper look shows that Intel still cares about the enthusiast market after all, but those steps don’t always mean a 25% or more performance boost. Sometimes it means engineering a way to stream 4k with extremely low energy usage from the CPU, or it means adding hyper-threading to Pentium chips and making an overclocking variant of the i3. I admit that I was negative when I saw the first appearance of Kaby Lake, but now I can say that Intel is doing a surprisingly good job and larger performance increases will simply have to wait for further architectural designs down the road.



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