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You Haven’t heard of Pixio, but a 1440p FreeSync Monitor Should get Your Attention

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Posted October 26, 2016 by Josh Jackson in News

Let’s start with the assumption that you haven’t heard of Pixio, because if you have, then you completely destroy my title. If you’re like me, then Pixio might be a new brand that you need to hear about. I’ve been on this kick for a while, but there is no way I can over emphasize how important a good monitor is to the gaming experience. Nothing makes a $600 GPU look like integrated graphics more than a terrible refresh rate and a crappy panel type. However, spending an additional $600 on a monitor can be rough for a builder, which is why Pixio is offering something I’m surprised I haven’t seen until now.

FreeSync is the AMD technology that makes adaptive synchronization extremely affordable for gamers. There’s some catches, like needing an AMD GPU for the time being and having some performance trades with the likes of GSync. My experience with the technologies isn’t extensive, but from what I’ve seen the disparity between the two is beyond my ability to tell the difference. How I managed to stumble across Pixio was during my search for HDR monitors. HDR is the best experience I had at CES in January and that’s including getting to try out a few VR sets. HDR is a pixel technology that more accurately reproduces the color spectrum, making a 1440p screen look as good as, or even better than, a 4k one. While I haven’t found HDR yet, I did find what I would consider to be the ultimate monitor that balances the necessary gaming features for a reasonable price.

Pixio has the PX277 that is a 27″ IPS panel with a 1440p resolution. What makes it really interesting is the FreeSync technology and 144 Hz refresh rate. The advertised range goes down to 55 Hz, but I read some comments with the AMD driver reporting it as low as 30 Hz. I was hoping the Pixel Perfect variant was HDR, but it turns out to be something about as good. This is a guarantee from Pixio that the monitor was tested and won’t have any dead pixels after purchase, which looks like it will extend into the warranty period as well. The IPS panel and gaming technology is supposed to help with accurate color reproduction which makes this panel manufacturer seem like a very compelling choice for gamers.

What really ices the cake for the PX277 is the fantastic price tag. Starting at $390, this is about the lowest price you’ll find for a monitor that has this level of features. The Pixel Perfect variant isn’t too much more if you want that guarantee. The biggest concern would be whether Pixio is using cheap or refurbished parts to keep these prices low, but everything I’ve read has shown that it isn’t the case at all. Pixio directly sells their monitors and uses certain third party vendors for the external parts which not only keeps the cost down, but helps ensure a nice quality panel for viewing. All of these reasons are why I want to bring these to your attention, but you might check some online reviews to make sure the panel will meet your expectations.




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