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October News Round Up: SWIFTECH Apogee XL2, GAMER STORM Genome II, GTX 1050 Ti and More!

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Posted October 28, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


There’s a lot of cooling news this month so let’s start out with SWIFTECH. First, we have the new Apogee XL2 Water Block. I say new, but it’s actually the same block that showed up on the Drive X2 series of AIO coolers. Now, you can buy the block separately for your own cooling loop. They also have the Iris LED/PWM fan controller which gives the XL2 RGB lighting control. Second, they also released the new MCP655 pump series. These guys use a magnetically driven impeller that’s designed to help extend life and keep noise levels down. Considering the Drive X2 is already quiet, I’m inclined to believe this pump will live up to expectations.





1013138-1Something interesting is happening this month. There’s been some AIO GPU coolers, but two in one month feels a tad exciting to me. The first one we’ll look at is from ALHPACOOL. I did some digging and the Eiswolf GPX-Pro looks like a factory model meant for just the GTX 1070 and 1080. Still, a pre-filled GPU liquid cooling kit sounds like an awesome step forward for enthusiasts, especially when it seems to be closer to custom loop quality.



Our next GPU cooler is from ID-COOLING. The ICEKIMO 240VGA is more along the lines of a CLC, but the 240mm rad is certain to add some hefty cooling to the chip. This unit would more properly qualify as a hybrid, since the rest of the cooling is air. Still, the design looks nice, seems to have a wide amount of compatibility, and ID-COOLING had the forethought to include individual heat spreaders for the memory chips. Not bad at all!


It seems like announcing the fact that BE QUIET! has CPU coolers is long overdue. That said, it looks like they’re doing right. You can squeeze a bit of extra performance by sacrificing noise levels, but in the long run it isn’t worth it. With BE QUIET!’s reputation, silence is almost guaranteed with their lineup.


Cases and PSUs

Did you know there was a Genome II? I didn’t know there was a Genome II! To be fair GAMER STORM didn’t change much, but it looks like they did their best at optimizing some key points in the original Genome design. The rad comes with the new double bladed fans, they included an option to vertically mount your GPU, the HDD cages are removable, they made improvements in the cable routing and the motherboard tray is spaced out a bit more increasing compatibility. The double helix reservoir alone makes the case worth considering.


The tempered glass craze is coming into full swing and I love it! PHANTEKS announced their own version of a tempered glass case and as you’d expect, it looks gorgeous. The Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass doesn’t seem to change many other design features you’re used to seeing from them, but glass panels add a great finish to a clean looking build.


ENERMAX is bringing an unconventional design to the PSU market. The Revolution DUO isn’t exactly a new idea (I’ve seen dual fans in PSUs before), but there are some merits to the way they implemented the dual fan design. First, they keep a traditional top fan, while merely adding an exhaust fan to the back of the unit. Second, they have a fan control knob that can switch from automatic and manual modes. The biggest concern is whether the additional fan will be worth the additional noise and if secondary fans are even that necessary in PSUs. Still, the control knob is a great idea to help concerned buyers.


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