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INTEL Kaby Lake has a 40% Single Thread Performance Boost!?!

Posted October 3, 2016 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

When it comes to overclocking leaks, I’ve learned to take those with huge grains of salt. Websites love finding these ridiculous clock speeds and getting our hopes up that this is going to be the new normal for overclockers, until we find out that overclocking is pretty standard in the reviews after release. (Btw, Guilty!) On the other hand, preliminary benchmark leaks are usually close to what to expect when a CPU actually releases. If what Geekbench is showing is true, then Kaby Lake is about to blow everyone’s mind, but I’m gonna hold a bit of irritation for what this could mean about the previous generations.

WCCFTech has an article showing the INTEL i7-7700K scoring a 6131 in single and 20243 multi-core scores. This ends up being a massive 40% increase over Skylake in the single thread department. The multi-core score is a 20% increase. This is the kind of thing people who’ve been holding on to the 3770Ks have been waiting for. What’s upsetting is the fact that INTEL managed to pull this out of the hat at the perfect time when Zen was about to release. This begs the question, “Has INTEL purposely been slamming minor 10-15% increases down our throat simply because they wanted to make more money?” I could be completely wrong on this, but there’s no escaping the feeling that team blue has been cash grabbing consumers for the simple reason that they could, rather than taking the high road of trying to push the boundaries with every new release. Am I the only one who feels like this is a really cheap move!?!

All being said, we still need to consider that this could be nothing more than a benchmarking bug, rather than the actual performance of the chip. Until we start seeing a wide array of benchmarks and gaming performance, we can’t be too angry yet. However, if this does turn out to be true, then we can all blow our tops on the way to the store as we’re buying these new chips to upgrade our systems next year.


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