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Windows 10 is doing a Darn Good Job and Here’s Why

Posted September 14, 2016 by Josh Jackson in News

I almost hesitate to even bring this article to life because it’s the kind of thing that internet trolls, with their vitriol of insults, love to flock to. However, I feel like MICROSOFT deserves some praise for what it’s done with Windows 10. At the current rate, 10 might be the best OS to ever happen to the ultra-enthusiasts market since ever! I’m not trying to say Windows 10 is perfect, but from a builder’s perspective who likes fancy hardware configurations, I have a good reason to say MICROSOFT is doing a darn good job.

I always have and always will love Crossfire/SLI setups. When I found out I had the chance to merely add a second GPU to my first build, I was ecstatic to try it and quickly fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve always opted to buy two lower end GPUs over one high end one. I work through the bugs I face and can’t get over how nice two strong GPUs look next to each other in my build. This is just the tip of the iceberg for a patch release that had the most minor bug fix description imaginable. In the patch before this last one, the release notes had a tiny phrase that mentioned video display fixes. What is minor in text was huge for me because now, my system no longer hangs when using Crossfire, FreeSync, AND dual displays. My secondary display is a standard 60 Hz panel paired with my adaptive sync one! I even further complicate the matter by having dual SSDs, one for the OS and the other for games and back ups.

I know I’m not the only one with a complicated setup, but I know I’m in a small minority of PC builders. I voluntarily succumb myself to needless headaches for the glory of a system that merely “looks cool.” The best part is I absolutely love it! So when Windows 10 releases patches that make it run better for people like me, I have to give them two big thumbs up: way up! On top of that, the most recent patch had some USB fixes. This seems to have solved a minor issue where my keyboard would disconnect and reconnect itself randomly. Once again, it’s a niche gaming keyboard from FNATIC rather than the more common membrane ones the majority of Windows users would own. Windows 10 isn’t perfect, but MICROSOFT certainly seems to be doing everything they can to give everyone they can the best experience possible.

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