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XIGMATEK puts a Pump in the Middle of a Radiator!?!

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Posted June 17, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Ah, Twitter! Sometimes news is hiding in the depths of media that is hard to find, but my feed gives me a glimpse that leads to an interesting discovery. In this case, XIGMATEK showed off some prototypes for some CLCs at Computex that went mostly under the radar. Sadly, I feel like these units should’ve made more of a splash than they did, but I suppose we can start trying to rectify this problem. Let’s see what a radiator looks like with a pump in the middle of it!

There’s is very little about these units so far. I basically saw a tweet from XIGMATEK, that led me to a Tek Syndicate Facebook post, that further led me to an article Google translateĀ put into English for me. IMG0050930Some people are likely to blame patents for this design and it could be the case in this instance. However, XIGMATEK could seriously be onto something with their design. First, fans inherently move air away from their centers due to the laws of physics. This leaves a bit of a dead zone as far as airflow is concerned. Having the pump located at the center point of the rad is a great way to utilize space that isn’t as efficient to begin with. While the amount of heat generated from pumps is unlikely to be a concern, personal experience has taught me that when the pump isn’t on the block, the block is much easier to install.

Outside of the possible performance ramifications, the design can work well for appearance also. The lack of a pump on the block allows for some easier aesthetic choices, like LED lighting, covers, or engravings, unlike the oil-filled radiators, that have a cooling pump in the middle. For more information on the oil-filled radiators, you can check outĀ https://guides4homeowners.co.uk/plumbing-central-heating/best-wall-mounted-oil-filled-radiators/. Also, the power cable doesn’t have to run across the board since it’s coming off the rad instead. These things can be very useful when you’re trying to make a build look as clean as possible. I really like the design on these units! There isn’t any indication of performance or price yet, but hopefully these guys will turn out to be a nice addition to the CLC market.IMG0050928https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1139219049451371



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