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BIOSTAR Announces Dual BIOS Feature on Racing Series Motherboards

BIOSTAR Announces Dual BIOS Feature on Racing Series Motherboards Maximum system protection and convenience for enthusiasts April 15th, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR is proud to announce that all BIOSTAR RACING Series motherboards are designed with utmost protection in mind with the new BIOSTAR DUAL BIOS feature. There’s numerous advantage to having multiple BIOS in a motherboard and BIOSTAR has carefully crafted the DUAL BIOS feature to meet the needs of enthusiasts and power users as well as everyday users. DUAL PROTECTION with Two BIOS Chips With two physical BIOS chips, BIOSTAR motherboards allow two independent BIOS ROMs to be booted from. This provides a safety feature as well as a convenient tool for overclockers who might encounter system stability issues during system tweaking as well as troubleshooting possible issues caused by corrupted ROMs or a hardware failure. BIOS viruses that may attack the ROM are also mitigated as one can fall back to the secondary BIOS for system recovery. Users may run different versions of BIOS ROMs independently for maximum compatibility. How to Use Dual BIOS? To use Dual BIOS, select the desired ROM (ROM1/ROM2) via the onboard switch and power on the system. Be sure to note the active BIOS when you want to flash an update or reflash the existing version. The Dual BIOS allows you to choose one of the BIOS ROMs (ROM1/ROM2) for booting up. If you want to flash BIOS ROM, please make sure the Dual BIOS switch is set to the BIOS ROM ...

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