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Archive for January 22nd, 2021

Leadtek Quadro M6000 24G- To tackle the most challenging visual computing tasks effortlessly

To tackle the most challenging visual computing tasks effortlessly Quadro M6000 24GB is right there   Taipei, Taiwan, March 25, 2016 LEADTEK, the authorized channel partner of NVIDIA® professional graphics card in the Asia-Pacific region, today releases NVIDIA® Quadro® M6000 24GB featuring the industry’s largest 24GB on-board graphics memory, multiple 4K displays and ecosystem interfaces to provide the ultimate visual workspace for maximum productivity. It gives you the extreme performance to take on your biggest visualization challenges. The NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB powered by the latest NVIDIA Maxwell™ GPU, the industry’s largest on-board graphics memory, and optimized software drivers for professional applications. Moreover, it supports four displays natively with resolutions of true 4K. Artists, animators, and editors can now work in real-time on their most complex projects with multiple layers and advanced effects. Plus, product designers and engineers don’t have to compromise on model complexity or image quality when working on large assemblies; they can now integrate interactive, physically based rendering and simulation to evaluate product design and functionality in entirely new ways. The NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB lets you work with larger models, scenes, and assemblies and improves interactive manipulation performance during design, visualization, and simulation. Whether you’re developing revolutionary products, telling spectacularly vivid visual sto...

ADATA Releases Durable Micro USB Cable with Reversible Type-A Connector

ADATA Releases Durable Micro USB Cable with Reversible Type-A Connector Greater USB convenience, rapid charging, tough braided cable, and stylish aluminum Taipei, Taiwan – Mar. 29, 2016 – ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, today added a Micro USB offering to its range of cable products that features a reversible Type-A connector. The cable is designed to make linking a multitude of devices that use Micro USB (smartphones, power banks, wireless headphones, game controllers and many more) with PCs and other USB Type-A destinations much easier and more intuitive. It supports 2.4A for quick device charging, with high-grade braided sleeves protecting wires inside the cable and extending its lifespan. Aluminum connector housings provide double benefit as they are stylish and durable, while ADATA offers the new cable in seven color schemes to give customers more personalization options.   Reversible USB Type-A for instant plug-in The cable features a Micro USB connector on one side and reversible Type-A on the other. Reversible connectors are much more user-friendly than traditional plugs, as shown by the rise of USB Type-C. ADATA offers similar solutions in addition to Type-C, as embodied by the new cable. With reversible Type-A, users can insert the cable into destination devices without the often bothersome “trial and error” associated with USB. There is no need to check which way the USB Type-A plug is...

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