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The Dune Case is a Smooth take on Mini-ITX

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Posted February 10, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

When I see the term Kickstarter, I default to a new video game getting made. I get it, Kickstarters are for much more than just games, but it seems to be the only time I really notice them is with a new game. (I’m looking at you Yooka-Laylee!) So I was a bit surprised to see a computer case trying to get launched off a Kickstarter. I was also surprised to see a case that’s round, but I think the Dune Case is on to something pretty cool looking.

The best thing about the Dune Case is that it looks more like an air purifier than a computer case. This isn’t to pick on the case, but makes the point of how well it would fit in a living room decor. The cylindrical shape is something that you would normally see with numerous electronic devices that are designed to be used next to the sofa or the entertainment center. While that’s great for people who care about decorating, what intrigues the enthusiast inside of me is the airflow design. By using a 140mm fan in the top, the air is pulled from the bottom of the case and easily vented out the top like a tiny wind tunnel. The only thing I wish it had was a second fan on the bottom to help push the air through, but the PSU location would make that a bit tricky. The Dune Case is certainly something I would like to use for a home theater setup, especially since I cut the cable/dish chord a long time ago.

534a3db376241fd3c5905c9cf48af6cb_originalMy only concern for this case is that because it’s a Kickstarter, it has to swim on it’s own which increases its sink chances. If a more established case manufacturer had introduced this concept to the market, it would have a much better chance of success but I hope that the Dune Case gets off to a good start. I would love to see some expansions on this design that could include an ATX board with a full 250mm or even 300mm fan on the top and bottom for the wind tunnel effect. As of writing, the Dune Case Kickstarter has a bit over $20k raised but has to reach $130k in 35 days. What do you think of the design? Feel free to let us know in the forums or the comments below.

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