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Archive for April 13th, 2021

Phanteks RGB LED Adapter Launch

 RGB LED ADAPTER PH-CB_RGB4P Walnut, California, February 18th, 2016 – With the current trend of motherboard’s customizable RGB LED lighting control, Phanteks today announced the Phanteks’ RGB LED Adapter for compatible motherboards that features RGB headers. Phanteks RGB LED Adapter PH-CB_RGB4P Our new RGB LED adapter is a simple, frustration-free solution to RGB integrated motherboards that includes the 4pin RGB headers. The RGB will be Aura Compatible (certified by Asus) and will also be compatible will all RGB intergrated motherboards that includes the 4pin RGB header (12V G R B). This adapter features connectors that connects to the motherboard RGB header, Phanteks’ LED strips, and Phanteks’ case LED lighting. With the adapter, it’s quick and easy to install. The RGB LED Adapter will feature an easy to install connector with an indicator of the 12V to help ensure for a correct installation. Once connected, you can use the customizable lighting control software of the motherboard to synchronize the lighting of your LED strip and Phanteks cases with the motherboards’. The RGB LED Adapter is currently compatible with Phanteks’ Enthoo Luxe, Mini XL, P400, more upcoming models will follow. The adapter will also be compatible with integrated RGB motherboards with the 4-pin RGB headers. *For a limited time, you can get a free RGB LED Adapter if you purchased a compatible Phanteks case and motherboards that features the RGB header before March 1st, 2016. TECH...

BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ Lights the Way amongst All Motherboards

BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ Lights the Way amongst All Motherboards  BIOSTAR RACING Series with VIVID LED DJ has rich customization options for your gaming rig  February 18th, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – The growing trend in customizing and building color-themed PCs has been one of the key factor in some people’s decision making in selecting their motherboards when building a new system. BIOSTAR has taken this into consideration when creating its new RACING series of motherboards featuring the VIVID LED DJ feature. BIOSTAR’s VIVID LED DJ in tandem with the onboard LED lighting of the BIOSTAR RACING series allows up to full-color variations versus up to 16 on competing motherboards. BIOSTAR also opted to go with a neutral board color scheme allowing the LED illumination on the PCB and heatsinks to be customized allowing a wide-range of color schemes for easily pairing with your build color of choice. In addition, VIVID LED DJ allows custom lighting effects including constant lighting, breathing effect, sparking and tempo-reactive lighting which follows the beat of your music and audio creating a really dynamic lighting effect especially for music fans. BIOSTAR Racing motherboards also allow custom profile lighting via its GT Touch function allowing specific lighting setups for both ECO mode and Sport mode, which are exclusive by BIOSTAR. Further extending the BIOSTAR custom LED lighting options is the ability to add LED strips directly from the motherboard via compatible 5050 he...

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