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SWIFTECH Keeps Reshaping the AIO Market for the Best with the Drive X2 Series

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Posted January 28, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Companies that can take an amazing product and say it wasn’t good enough scare the daylights out of me! SWIFTECH gave me a heart attack. The H220-X and H240-X were the first coolers to really bring the AIO product to the level of a custom loop. The use of a high quality block with a custom quality pump and reservoir was bound to mean great performance. That wasn’t good enough for SWIFTECH however, so now they have improved the previous versions, as well as adding larger 360mm rads in the H320 X2 Prestige and H320 X2.

The Drive X2 series comes in three different sizes and while the 240mm and 280mm units are pretty normal, it’s the 360mm unit that is adding a new selection to the previous versions. The H320 obviously caught my eye, especially since each variant still comes with a full brass/copper radiator. Most AIOs are built around aluminum rads which can keep cost down, but can certainly lack in the quality and performance the H320s can bring. Currently, the main differences between the Prestige and the regular version are some slightly better fans and fittings. Performance wise, there’s likely to be little difference, but expand ability should be a bit easier on the Prestige. The $215 price on the Prestige is expected, but I was pleasantly surprised with the $165 price on the regular H320 X2.

APOGEEXL2IMG02.1Let’s look at some other key features that really set the Drive X2 series apart, some more than others. First, we have RGB lighting in the reservoir and block that looks fantastic. This is showing up on more AIOs, but isn’t what I would call common yet. The other nice feature is that SWIFTECH includes Blue, Red and Yellow dyes so you can get whatever coolant color you want. For those who prefer to keep the internals as clean as possible, they can stick with the clear coolant and let the LEDs do the rest. The big standout feature though is the pump flow rate. At first glance, this could be misunderstood. The site shows that max discharge is 11 l/mn. You may look at that and think that isn’t much, but that’s because it’s being measured in minutes. Covert that to the more standard l/hr (for weaker pumps, it makes them look more impressive) and you get an astounding 660 liters per hour. Compared to the roughly 100 l/h most CLCs end up at, we see SWIFTECH is blowing them out of the water.

These units from SWIFTECH are absolutely fantastic from the looks of things. On top of what I’ve already mentioned, they also did a number of minor tweaks, like improving the paint, to help increase the quality. This company decided to give the AIO industry their very best and I believe they have succeeded quite well. Even the prices seem very competitive to what cheaper AIOs go for across the board. Add everything to the fact that you can also expand these units to include things like a GPU block, and I see a unit that might be the best in the industry. Christmas may be a long ways away, but at least I have a birthday coming up in a few months!H320-X2-PRESTIGE-COLOR-PICS


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