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ROSEWILL Showed Off the Nighthawk 117 at CES 2016

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Posted January 15, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

ROSEWILL is a name that hasn’t been mentioned here in a while, but we hope that starts changing because they had some impressive components at CES this year. The Newegg original prides themselves on giving their customers the best bang for their buck that they can so that there’s more left over for those cash hungry components like CPUs and GPUs. Since many of our site veterans are Newegg regulars, it would’ve been a shame for us not to stop by and find out what ROSEWILL was showing off. The Nighthawk 117 is a great looking case, but the gaming mouse and speaker set that I saw promised some good things to come as well.

First, let’s address the horrible lighting in the Palazzo. So much yellow! Now, with that out of the way let’s turn to the Nighthawk 117. This is a full tower offering from ROSEWILL and it has some nice looking features at a good price point. The first thing that was noticeable was the spacious interior. It will certainly make a build pretty easy for those who don’t like working in tight spaces. The aesthetic is very nice. It has just enough edges to give it that gaming look, but they aren’t so “in your face” to lose a certain elegance to the design as well. The fun part was being able to open the vents on top for a bit of additional airflow. It looks cool and serves practicality if the user likes to dampen the noise a bit at times. Rosewill CES 2016 (5)The other feature I really like is the eSATA port on the top of the case next to the USB and power buttons. If you do work on other HDDs or SSDs, you can easily hot swap a drive right into the top of your case and do recovery work, or if you just happen to have old files you drudge up from a spare drive, you don’t have to open up the case to hook up the drive.

The Nighthawk was certainly the highlight, but I also really like ROSEWILL’s gaming mouse. This guy has been out for a bit, but the design felt very comfortable for my hand. It has adjustable weights inside so you can get the feel to be just right. Honestly, I’ve never had a very comfortable gaming mouse so ROSEWILL definitely got me thinking about an upgrade. I also like the aluminum base, which gave the entire unit a great quality feel to it. There was also a nice 2.0 speaker set on display. I cruised through some variety of songs I liked trying to get a good feel for the sound, and came away pretty impressed. For a company that focuses on tight budgets, I feel like they’re doing a great job at making solid products that don’t cut corners. I also got to take a closer look at some new fans and tool kits that are worth looking into if you need to add anything to your home set up. Take a look at the full gallery below to see the rest of the shots from our CES tour.

Rosewill CES 2016 (11)ROSEWILL did manage to pull off a fun custom build as well that was on display. Coincidentally, the build fit the scheme of the hall they were in to a t. We also got to see some nice PSUs up close and personal, but all I really wanted to do was take that Hercules home with me. I really enjoyed what I saw with ROSEWILL and considering that hardware can be very difficult to obtain, especially with the current economy, I really appreciate what they are accomplishing. We’re coming down to the home stretch of our CES 2016 updates so keep an eye out as we finish out the rest of our tours.




Closer look: Nighthawk 117

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