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AMD Updates the Price of the Fury Nano to $499

Posted January 11, 2016 by Josh Jackson in News

NanoThe Nano was quite an interesting release from AMD. The small form factor and power efficiency made it a great fit for mini-ITX systems, but the performance was surprisingly close to the full-fledged Fury X cards. It’s a hard card to beat when compared to other small cards, but the price was still at a premium side. Now the price is not only much better for the Nano, but it’s at a very competitive point for other full sized cards as well.

AMD just announced that the Nano will dropped to $499 and that’s a great price for this card. It puts it at a very competitive point with the GTX 980┬ábut the 980 isn’t going to easily fit in a small system. This is an interesting move from AMD but I have to admit, I think consumers are going to eat this one up. Check out the AMD link below for more details on the R9 series and there’s a Newegg link so you can easily keep track of when those prices hit the retail space.




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