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BIOSTAR Completes Dream PC Refresh Build with Z170X

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Posted December 9, 2015 by RyanR in CPU & Motherboards

BIOSTAR Completes Dream PC Refresh Build with Z170X: A Father’s Gift to his Son

BIOSTAR fulfils dream PC Refresh Build to son serving in the army


December 9 th, 2015, 2015 Taipei, Taiwan – A PC refresher is a worthwhile invesment and an excellent way to improve your computing experience in many ways as well as gaming. While an older PC can still run games, newer models equipped with the latest motherboards like the BIOSTAR GAMING Z170X and graphics cards are more power efficient, run cooler and have more features to experience the latest titles.


BIOSTAR Intel 100-series motherboards feature support for the 6th-generation Intel Core processors which are designed to run very efficiently with the latest 14nm process. Improved performance enhancements guarantees a much smoother workflow even for more demanding applications to support the latest demanding applications like games and productivity software. Support for faster storage via M.2, SATA Express and SATAIII as well support for faster expansion devices via USB3.0 and USB3.1. Graphics performance can also be improved with compatible BIOSTAR motherboards supporting Crossfire setups that enables two graphics card to work in tandem for faster performance in games. This makes refreshing a PC to meet modern standards a worthwhile investment.


Such is the case of Michael Gaughan, a father who wanted to give his son a new PC so that they can enjoy playing PC the latest games like they did before. Michael suffered from a stroke 4 years ago and has had to re-train his brain after months of therapy approached BIOSTAR to help him make his dream PC build come true.

Michael’s son currently serves in the US Army and as a gesture of support, has built a new PC for him to cope up with the difficulties of active duty. Michael shares that he recalls the days where he and his son used to play games and wants to relive those moments with the newest games. BIOSTAR extended their support to Michael and his family by providing him with the parts he needed to refresh his build, enabling his son to experience the latest games with the latest motherboard from BIOSTAR.

“I built this with the help from very generous people and companies like BIOSTAR, who came through with the missing parts for the motherboard. They have been very supportive in this process from start to finish. I want to thank BIOSTAR for all their help and support in making this happen” Michael Gaughan

For more info on the GAMING Z170X please go to: http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=807

Available in BIOSTAR’s eBay store: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161799128199


BIOSTAR is a professional brand dedicated to the production of motherboards, graphics cards and industrial computing systems. Since its establishment in 1986, the BIOSTAR GROUP has become a major motherboard supplier in the PC industry. In order to pursue the best user experience, BIOSTAR has invested heavily in research and development. With a constant emphasis on quality and innovation, BIOSTAR always seeks to offer products with the highest price-performance ratio.



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