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AMD has a Response to Gameworks with GPUOpen

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Posted December 16, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

We all want better graphics in games, but we like those improvements to not utterly destroy our framerates. We’re beginning a new era of PC gaming that is bringing better performance from a software side, rather than completely relying on GPU manufacturers to make beefier chips. NVIDIA GameWorks is an API released in 2014 that was not only supposed to give developers better hardware control, but also offer some rich features for better graphics in game. Unfortunately, the results led to some performance hits in various situations causing varied opinions of the benefit. Now AMD is finally responding with there own developer tool called GPUOpen.

AMD seems to be stepping up their game big time and I think GPUOpen will end being a great thing for PC Gamers. As the name implies, GPUOpen is open source, which means there will be a lot more minds trying to optimize the features for performance, as well as being able to share the code without repercussion. This is a good way to bring developers on board with AMD, and should help with some of the disparity we’ve seen in performance from NVIDIA and AMD GPUs from certain game titles. The other interesting thing about GPUOpen is what it could mean for console ports. Radeon Tech is in just about every console right now, but particularly the XBox One and PS4. If the developer tool makes porting to PC that much easier, we may see more console exclusives make their way to PC since development costs can be a major detractor. Seeing more console games on PC is always welcomed, but giving more control to the hardware is another great sign. GPUOpen is trying to give even more control from the software directly to the GPU. We’ve already seen this in action with APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulcan, but the more options there are for implementation, the more chances we have of seeing widespread adoption and better gaming.

RTG (Radeon Technologies Group) has a few more tricks up their sleeves with this release and you can check them out in the slides below. The best thing about this release is seeing AMD step up their game with NVIDIA and continue to try to best them in the current market. This should help AMD stay focused on improving with games releasing currently, while also giving NVIDIA incentive to optimize GameWorks to perform better. GPUOpen offers a much needed competitor to GameWorks, but in a way that should be mostly beneficial to the gamers over anyone else.

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