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Archive for November 26th, 2021

ARCTIC Releases the Liquid Freezer 240 and 120

Back in November ARCTIC announced that it was releasing two AIOs into the liquid cooling market. If you managed not to roll your eyes so hard that they popped out of their sockets, then you might be able to read on for a couple of details that might make this release interesting. Then again, because it’s essentially another Asetek re-brand, it may seem like a waste of effort. Still, there are two things I like about the Liquid Freezer 240 and 120 that I think might give the units a slight edge. Even though the units overall are standard CLCs, the first thing I noticed is that both come pre-sold with push/pull fan configurations. This is not a typical feature on AIO units but I like this for a couple reasons. First, push/pull can offer you around 5c difference in temperatures which is nice. The other factor is that the radiator is an extra thick 38mm one which means the push/pull will probably have more effect. On top of including the extra fans, ARCTIC also seemed to put a slightly new twist on the copper plate. Rather than have the liquid come in from one side through to the other, they have the flow coming directly into the center of the plate, the most likely spot with the highest heat transfer, and then go out both sides to flow out to the radiator. While the Liquid Freezers may not be the only ones doing this, I personally haven’t seen anyone else showcase this on their plates. These features are tiny, but they could lead to some impressive performance in ...

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