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Archive for March 1st, 2021

Tenda is Keeping WiFi Simple This Black Friday

Tenda is Keeping WiFi Simple This Black Friday Get the Easy-To-Use AC15 WiFi Router for an Unprecedented Low Cost at Tigerdirect.com November 24, 2015 – Walnut City, Calif. – Tenda Technology Inc.® a subsidiary of Shenzhen Tenda, an experienced, global brand of wired and wireless networking hardware, announces an impending Tigerdirect sales promotion this shopping season. We know that after the buzz of Black Friday wears down, there will be many more devices in your home fighting over the WiFi signal. The Tenda AC15 is a simple solution: expanded bandwidth for everyone and improved, hassle-free management of connected devices. The AC15 packages the new 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi standard, Gigabit speed, and useful network utilities in a simple, straightforward router. The AC15 is designed for online entertainment, home networking with IoT devices, and to support the growing number of connected home gadgets – an inevitability for many families this holiday season. For a limited time – from Friday, 11/27 to Monday, 11/30 at Midnight – Tenda is dropping the already low price of its AC15 router for unprecedented value. We can’t even tell you how low here. Quick, Simple Installation and Operation The AC15 is designed for ease of operation; it’s about as easy as plug-and-play installation. Tenda’s easy-setup wizard makes installation fast and simple, offering a suite of iOS and Android apps to help you get started. For power users, the more detailed options...

COUGAR Announces the Launch of the 450 Series

COUGAR ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF THE 450 SERIES November 24th, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan – COUGAR, one of the world’s leading gaming gear brands, announces today the arrival of two new and attractive products to the gaming peripherals market: COUGAR 450K Gaming Keyboard and COUGAR 450M Gaming Mouse. 450K is a Hybrid Mechanical gaming keyboard that brings gamers a wide range of functions within an attractive splash-proof design. 450K’s hybrid mechanical switches provides a tactile feedback and a durability similar to those of high end mechanical keyboards, and its functionality is everything one would expect from a gaming keyboard: macros, function remapping and many other options allow gamers to adapt the keyboard to their own preferences. When it comes to its external design, 450K features a three color backlight that will allow the user to easily know which of the three gaming profiles stored on board is currently being used. The impressive Splash-proof design further enhances this gaming keyboard’s durability, keeping it safe from accidental liquid spills and making it ridiculously easy to clean. This comes all within an aesthetically pleasing rugged design that will look great in your desktop. 450M does not fall behind, being an incredibly capable gaming device. This 5000 DPI optical gaming mouse sports an impressive ambidextrous design that will allow anybody to enjoy it, irrespective of their hand of preference. With an excellent gaming sensor and quick responses, t...

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