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AccelStor Announces NeoSapphire 3405, 3501, and 3401 Entry-Level 1U All-Flash Arrays with High Sustained IOPS

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Posted October 28, 2015 by RyanR in Hardware

AccelStor Announces NeoSapphire 3405, 3501, and 3401 Entry-Level 1U All-Flash Arrays with High Sustained IOPS

Affordable High IOPS Flash Appliances with 5TB and 1TB Usable Capacities in Compact 1U Form Factor

October 28, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan – AccelStor, the innovative software-defined all-flash-array provider, announces its entry-level all-flash array lineup, the NeoSaphire 3405 1U rack-mount flash appliance with 5TB usable capacity featuring 360K sustained IOPS performance, the NeoSapphire 3401 1U rack-mount flash appliance with 1TB capacity featuring class-leading price-performance ratio and 10GbE SFP+ connectivity, and the NeoSapphire 3501 1U rack-mount flash appliance with affordable sustained IOPS and InfiniBand FDR QSFP connectivity. These three compact yet high IOPS models complete the NeoSapphire series for budget-sensitive use cases and I/O-intensive applications. All NeoSapphire models are powered by FlexiRemap flas h management technology, offering best-in-class performance and automatic data reconstruction for peace of mind.

Affordable High Performance

The entry-level NeoSapphire 1U models aim at addressing the storage performance bottlenecks limiting business applications at all tiers with industry leading price-performance ratios. NeoSapphire 3405 provides a networked storage solution with 5TB usable capacity at just $0.13 per IOPS for I/O-constrained business applications whether it is accelerating front-end response, database speed, or tiered caching. For even lower cost of entry, NeoSapphire 3501 offers the same 360K sustained IOPS in a 1TB usable capacity ideal for high-performance computing with InfiniBand connectivity. Additionally, the 1TB NeoSapphire 3401 offers a high value 300K IOPS at an industry-leading price-performance ratio of just $0.08 per IOPS. With NeoSapphire 3401 starting from $22,900, NeoSapphire 3501 starting from $26,900, and NeoSapphire 3405 starting from $46,900, AccelStor is breaking the barriers of en try to high-performance all-flash storage.

NeoSapphire 3401

NeoSapphire 3501

NeoSapphire 3405

Reference Price in US Dollars




IOPS for 4KB Random Write




Price/Performance ($/IOPS)




Sustained IOPS for Real-World Performance

AccelStor always uses 4KB random write performance as our IOPS testing standard, a much stricter requirement than peak IOPS figures. Furthermore, NeoSapphire 3405, NeoSapphire 3401 and NeoSapphire 3501 all pass stress tests of more than 48 hours for sustained performance and reliability, in order to meet the rigorous requirements of real-world storage applications.


Hot-Swappable SSDs with Automatic Data Reconstruction

The NeoSapphire series are powered by FlexRemap technology, offering a comparable protection level to RAID 5 without the performance penalty, and incorporate storage redundancy with automatic data reconstruction upon drive replacement. For ease of maintenance, SSDs are hot swappable and front-accessible. The data will be transparently recreated when drives are replaced, keeping the system running smoothly with no downtime.

“Today’s most critical business applications are no longer CPU-constrained but are limited by storage performance,” said Weafon Tsao, Ph.D. and Vice President of Research and Development. “AccelStor understands that storage acceleration can benefit businesses at all tiers so we’re relea sing 3 models with industry-leading value to lower the cost of entry for all-flash performance.”


Product Availability

Testing samples of all models are available now for qualified customers, with general availability as follows:

About AccelStor

AccelStor is accelerating the paradigm shift from traditional disk arrays to modern all-flash storage. AccelStor’s NeoSapphire series all-flash arrays, powered by FlexiRemap technology, deliver sustained high IOPS to business-critical applications. With standard rack-mount form factors, streamlined storage management, multi-protocol support, as well as front-accessible and hot-swappable drives, NeoSapphire promises to resolve the performance bottleneck for I/O-intensive applications like VDI, HPC, database, and video-processing applications. For more information about AccelStor and NeoSapphire, visit www.accelstor.com.

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