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The GTX 950 Review that Matters

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Posted August 21, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

I’ve been a long time League of Legends player. I’m one of those silver scrubs who likes to play competitively, tries to get to gold, but ultimately just uses LoL as an excuse to hang with his friends. League has had it’s moments for me, but ultimately, the game is too time constraining and frustrating for me to actually get anywhere. Then Heroes of the Storm happened. I found such a perfect blend of competitiveness combined with a schedule friendly match system, that I haven’t touched League for a good month or two now. So when I heard the GTX 950 was the go-to card for MOBA games, imagine my surprise when nobody was measuring frame rates in MOBA games. (Especially since they’re free!) Thankfully, I finally found a review that focused on MOBAs and I have to say, the GTX 950 is looking like a nice little card.950

Hardware Heaven posted a review on several GTX 950 cards and personally, outside of skipping the overclock section, I think they nailed it. First off, they highlighted the pipeline advantage. Basically, NVIDIA optimized the render path so that the delay is cut nearly in half. This should lead to a smoother overall gaming experience but should also help reduce latency and that’s important in competitive games. Whether or not that drop in latency is actually noticeable, the frame rates on the various MOBAs are looking good. The only game that the GTX 950 lagged behind an R7 370 in is DOTA 2: Reborn. The other MOBAs on the list gave the NVIDIA cards the clear lead, as well as performing well in some other popular online titles. You match these results with the fact that Maxwell is still a great overclocker, and you really have a winner of a budget card on your hands.


Not only does the GTX 950 wind up a bit more expensive than the 2 GB R7 370, but it also ends up costing a tad bit more than previous GTX _50 iterations. However, considering the level of features, performance and overclocking this card offers, it seems like it’s placed in a very good spot for gamers on a tight budget. E-Sports are becoming all the rage nowadays, but many parents can’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars to help their teen start a new career in competitive gaming. Alright, maybe it’s adults with childlike fantasies of winning tournaments but either way, the GTX 950 is a great budget card. Check out the full review in the link below.


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