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HighPoint Unveils USB 3.1 Product Line – Fast & Affordable USB 3.1 Connectivity for Mac & PC Platforms!

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Posted August 3, 2015 by RyanR in Hardware

HighPoint Unveils USB 3.1 Product Line – Fast & Affordable USB 3.1 Connectivity for Mac & PC Platforms!

July 2015, Milpitas, CA –For the past 20 years, HighPoint has been a professional RAID Storage and Management solutions provider, constantly striving to bring quality Storage technology to market and deliver the industry’s best Price-Performance value. We are pleased announce the launch of our next generation USB Host to Device storage and connectivity product lines, featuring 10Gb/s transfer speeds. Our latest RocketU PCIe host adapter is the ideal USB 3.1 upgrade solution for any Mac or PC platform with PCIe support. Our performance oriented dual-bay USB 3.1 RocketStor 3100 Series Drive Docks support any industry standard 3.5″/2.5″ SATA hard drive or SSD, including the latest 8TB models, and provide USB 3.1 connectivity via USB Type-B and Type-C ports.

Dual-Dedicated USB 3.1 Drive Dock

 The RocketStor 3122Bis the industry’s fastest USB 3.1 dual-bay storage dock, and is an ideal high-performance external storage solution for any USB 3.1 capable PC or Mac. The two 2.5”/3.5” drive bays can support disks up to 8TB in size, and are powered by dedicated USB 3.1 controllers and 6Gb/s SATA channels.

Simultaneous Access to Both 6Gb/s SATA Drive Bays: The RocketStor 3122B was designed to ensure maximum performance for each SATA SSD or hard drive. Each drive bay is powered by an independent SATA Channel to optimize the throughput of each USB 3.1 port. This ensures seamless transfers and no wait time – you are free to access both drive slots simultaneously with no loss in speed, anytime you need them.

 USB 3.1 C-Type Drive Dock Delivers 10Gb/s over a Single Cable!

USB Type-C Solution: The RocketStor 3112C is an ideal external storage solution for USB 3.1 Type-C capable PC or Mac platforms, especially today’s ultra-compact MacBook Pro’s and Chromebook Pixels. The Type-C connector and rugged, lightweight construction are ideal for ideal for ultra-compact, portable computing applications that require quick access to high-speed SSD’s and today’s largest 8TB hard drives for backup or archiving purposes.

Upgrade any PCIe Capable System with USB 3.1 Performance!

 The RocketU 1322A is the ideal companion for RocketStor 3100 series Drive Docks, and allows you to add affordable, high-performance USB 3.1 connectivity to any PCIe-capable Mac and PC! The RocketU 1322A supports any industry standard USB 3.1,3.0 and 2.0 device – from high speed external SSD’s and hard drives to peripherals and input devices.

Type A USB Connectors for Maximum Compatibility: The RocketU 1322A utilizes USB Type-A connectors for maximum compatibility with all industry-standard USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 peripherals including printers and scanners, storage, card readers and interface devices.

Availability and Pricing

 RocketU and RocketStor USB 3.1 product lines will be available from HighPoint’s North American Retail and Distribution partners starting in August 2015.

RocketStor 3122B Dual Dedicated USB 3.1 Drive Dock – MSRP USD$ 99.00

RocketStor 3112C Dual-Bay USB 3.1 Type-C Drive Dock – MSRP USD$ 89.00

RocketU 1322A 2-Port USB 3.1 PCIe 2.0 Host Adapter – MSRP USD$ 39.00

 Why Choose HighPoint?

HighPoint was founded in 1995. For the past 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves towards the design, manufacture and deployment of quality RAID HBA’s and RAID Storage Management Solutions. Our devoted team of experienced hardware and software engineers bring years of Storage RAID technology expertise to SAS, SATA, Thunderbolt ™ and USB storage and connectivity applications.

HighPoint strives to bring high-performance, quality storage and connectivity solutions to the marketplace at the industry’s best prices. We firmly believe that you do not have to sacrifice performance, versatility or reliability for affordability.

RocketStor–High-Performance, Reliable, and Affordable Connectivity & Storage Solutions

We specialize in cost/Performance oriented product design, development and manufacture, and continuously work to improve our products based on direct feedback from our valued customers. Over the years, we have forged strong alliances and technology partnerships with industry-leading storage providers, which enable us to quickly deliver Thunderbolt™, Mini-SAS, SATA and USB Connectivity and storage devices to the global marketplace.


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