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Does Skylake Interest You? Here’s a Round-up of Z170 Motherboards

Posted August 7, 2015 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


I’ve mentioned before that Gigabyte seemed to fall behind with the Z97 chipset. It wasn’t that their products were bad, it was just really hard to ignore the other boards coming out with more robust features. Now, it’s going to be real hard to ignore the Gigabyte Gaming G1 when it comes to picking the perfect Z170 motherboard and the Gaming series as a whole is definitely something to be following. The flagship G1 though has an absolutely massive 22 Power Phase delivery system combined with 15 micron thick gold pins in the socket. All of this leads to less resistance and more distribution which in turn can lower heat output. Sometimes these feature don’t add up to much of a difference in application, but once the Gaming G1 gets some reviews under it’s belt, we’ll have a better idea of what it’s capable of. On the other hand, this is just an absolutely astounding looking board and the inclusion of 4 PCIe 16 slots plus built in VRM water cooling makes this one of my favorites.



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