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Does Skylake Interest You? Here’s a Round-up of Z170 Motherboards

Posted August 7, 2015 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


ASUS is known for having the top of the line motherboards, but it’s also why it’s hard to get excited about what they’re doing at times. If you already have amazing features, how do you improve on them? Well, as it turns out, they can still surprise us and there are some really interesting features that are popping up on their new boards. Right now you probably want to keep an eye on their Z170-Deluxe, the Maximus VIII, the Sabertooth Mark 1 and the Pro Gaming.

ASUS 100-Series Motherboards: Unleash the 6th Gen Core, Choose the BEST

Currently, their site isn’t very updated with what’s going on, but I did see some pretty intriguing features none-the-less. The Deluxe board has a water pump header that ensures optimal amperage for liquid coolers and while I can’t say for sure how many boards have it, I did find a pump header on the Maximus as well. I like that feature a lot and hope to see it more often. The other nice thing about ASUS is their Digi+ voltage control. It’s still the best that I’ve personally used and since the internal voltage regulator is gone from Skylake, you can almost guarantee that ASUS will have great voltage stability.


The last feature that I noticed was some improvements in fan control. ASUS boards have always been pretty good but now they have individual headers that can be tied to there own thermal diodes so you can set fan curves based on temperature anywhere in the system. This is pretty impressive but they also have a new Fan Extension card that you can buy and control up to 3 more fans by plugging it into the compatible header on the board. I haven’t heard of any records that ASUS has broken yet, but the amount of control for the entire system seems unprecedented with their new boards. As always, the Sabertooth Mark 1 looks like it has the usual amounts of thermal armor on it but I didn’t find a page on the ASUS site for the board yet. The Pro Gaming board looks to be a more budget friendly solution for gamers while still maintaining several high end features, and it might be the go-to board for the average consumer looking for an ASUS product.



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