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Does Skylake Interest You? Here’s a Round-up of Z170 Motherboards

Posted August 7, 2015 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


I’ll begin with ASRock since they’ve suited me well through the years and I like what I’ve been seeing from them. The three boards you should really be keeping an eye on are the Extreme7+, the Gaming K6+ and the OC Formula. The first two look great with nice sized VRM heatsinks and a hefty 12 Power Phase design. The Extreme should work out to be slightly better for workstation tasks while the Gaming is obviously meant for gamers. It’s very nice to see the Gaming board have the same level of overclocking features as the Extreme since many overclockers were drawn to the hardware world by computer gaming.

The last board from ASRock, the OC Formula, caught my attention with a pretty fascinating piece of news. ASRock has been working pretty hard to try and take overclocking crowns from other manufacturers and it looks like they just took another one. This board managed to push a RAM overclocking record to 4795.4 MHz! That’s insane and while it may only be with one stick, that speed is still really good. Anyone who can take a record like that is serious about making solid products and while ASRock may have had their issues in times past (who hasn’t?), they keep improving all the time.






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