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Corsair adds RGB to Everything and it Looks Great

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Posted August 6, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

There’s no denying that I’m a sucker for lighting effects and I believe that RGB lighting is the best thing ever to happen to everything. We just started seeing manufacturers using RGB in motherboards and now Corsair announced a full lineup of RGB accessories at Gamescom. It looks like they’ll have lighting effects that will span across their keyboards, headsets and mice plus, it seems like Corsair and Cherry got together to design a new MX Silent Key switch for the new keyboards.

The new keyboard series from Corsair is called the Strafe RGB. It’s essentially the K series of keyboards with RGB lighting and the K70 looks like the perfect keyboard to me. There’s also the K95 and K65 but another great feature is the full key rollover on each model to guarantee 100% anti-ghosting performance. There isn’t much info on the new Cherry MX Silent switches, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing some reviews on those soon enough. Next on the list is the Void RGB series which includes various schemes of Dolby 7.1 capable headsets. These come in a variety of color choices as well as giving the option of being wired or wireless. The Void will also come with a stereo analog variant, but that one doesn’t have the RGB lighting. Finally, the Scimitar RGB gaming mouse was unveiled and there was a really good feature on this one that makes a ton of sense. The mouse has a number pad on the side and while that isn’t anything new, Corsair designed the entire pad to slide back and forth a tad so that you can adjust it to fit your grip. Also, if you don’t particulary desire a full number pad on your mouse, you can pick up quite a few other RGB mouse options in their M65 and Sabre series.

I’m already drooling over my lousy membrane keyboard at the options Corsair has brought to us, but the real icing on the cake is the new Cue Link software. With this set up, you can coordinate your lighting effects to span across all three devices. Have you ever wanted your keyboard, mouse and headset to do the wave? Well you probably do now! Even if you don’t it’s still nice to be able to control all lighting from one location on your computer. These products look amazing and considering that Corsair is well known for their quality, I feel like they have a pretty good lineup that should be put on the purchasing short-list.


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