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Fury X Overclocking Failing to Meet Expectations

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Posted July 28, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

When Fury X first released, overclocking was abysmal, but that wasn’t any surprise once it was pointed out that voltage control wasn’t being supported yet. Now however, TechPowerUp seems to have found a breakthrough in the voltage control and plans on releasing software soon for other users. The bad news is, it doesn’t look like AMD understands the phrase “overclocker’s dream” when it comes to Fiji overclocking.

To begin with, TechPowerUp was able to get a good 60 MHz extra out of the HBM. That isn’t a bad number considering how fresh the technology is and since AMD wasn’t bragging about memory overclocking, it’s a nice bonus. The problem is how little the GPU itself was able to be pushed. The most they could get out of it was an extra 165 MHz while remaining stable. When you do the math, that’s only slightly over a 15% overclock. The good news was that temperatures still remained great, but the power draw on the system raised exponentially. All considering, the extra energy needed only amounted to roughly a 5 FPS gain in gaming. Some minor tweaks in voltage would be fine if you wanted to reach stability but overall, there doesn’t seem to be a worthwhile benefit to pushing the Fury X to the max. Check out the link below to see the scaling in more detail.

There’s really no way to spin this in a positive light. AMD really dropped the ball by claiming that Fury X would be a “overclocker’s dream.” They obviously don’t understand what that entails but there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of oversight. When looking at how great Maxwell was at overclocking, it should have been painfully obvious what the new expectations were going to be. HBM is a great technology in my opinion, but it needs to be utilized properly to reap the full benefits. DirectX 12 is AMD’s last hope. If the new API can take advantage of those 4096 stream processors, it could give future buyers something very serious to contend with but at the time being, it’s really hard to go with a Fury X when the GTX 980 Ti will offer more, especially with overclocking. Hopefully these shortcomings won’t be representative of Zen but only time will tell.

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