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Archive for June 13th, 2021

INTEL Core i7-6700K Overclocked to 5.2 GHz on Air

Monday morning brings some pretty awesome news to the world of overclocking. The Chief Reporter at HKEPC recently posted on Facebook that Skylake was much funner to overclock than Broadwell after reaching 5.2 GHz with the flagship chip. The even more impressive news is that he did this on air. There’s a couple of considerations to take in with all of this but at the moment, this looks like some incredibly exciting news for overclocking enthusiasts who are considering the upgrade. This sounds pretty huge, but we need to consider a couple of factors before we take this as a guarantee of what’s to come. First of all, while the source seems like someone who’s very trusted in the hardware industry, it’s important to note that we don’t have any word on the specific cooling used or verification of stability. While an NH-D15 is considered air cooling, it isn’t the kind of accessible solution that everyone has. Also, we all know that while you may be able to boot into the OS, it doesn’t mean you can pass a stress test or even load a reasonably heavy application. The other bit of info missing is the core temp. While the temperature is said to be within specification, that doesn’t mean we want to see our core temps raising up above the 70’s all the time. However, these are just some considerations to keep in mind and since the source seems like a credible one, let’s get back to what makes this exciting. This is a 5.2 GHz...

AMD Releases the A8-7670K APU

AMD has a new APU for us that looks like it will fit extremely well in a low budget gaming machine. Based on the slides, if you’re one of the many that is hopping on board to the ever growing MOBA genre, or just like to kill time on Roblox, then you may have found the perfect chip that won’t break the bank. Honestly, while I know many of us are just waiting for Zen, my only true complaint is how little we see these APUs in laptops. The reason I say this is I know plenty of kids who use their parents laptops for League of Legends, Minecraft and Roblox. If AMD could market chips like this as the perfect solution for the family laptop, especially since many families use the laptop as a slightly more mobile desktop anyways, I think they would be hitting the mark perfectly. As it is, this is still a very budget friendly solution for some decent gaming so check out the press release and slides below. New AMD A-Series Desktop Processors: Smart Choice for Everyday Computing, Powerful eSports Engine and Ready for Windows® 10 — New AMD A8-7670K APU delivers an excellent experience and value for today’s modern workloads and Microsoft® Windows® 10 support — SUNNYVALE, Calif. — July 20, 2015 — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD), the company whose technology helps power the Microsoft® Xbox One™ and the Sony® PlayStation 4™, today introduced the newest addition to its A-Series line of desktop processors. The A8-7670K APU provides a superb experience for Microsoft Windows 10...

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