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The AMD R9 Fury Series Launch Deck

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Posted June 18, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

After what seems like a long wait, AMD has finally released the full official slides for the Fury line-up of graphic cards. Everything looks great and team RED seems pretty proud of what they’ve accomplished with the Fiji architecture. Without further ado, here’s the Fury slides!

New Era

Fiji is the new architecture for all the Fury cards, and it looks like it’s doing some good things for power and efficiency.

Fiji Chip


Of course, HBM is the big deal here. Take a closer look at how the new technology works.



The end result of this new architecture and memory is a die size that is significantly smaller than before.

Die Size


The liquid cooling design isn’t just for handling heat. The operating temperature is actually pretty low, and the power design on the card has overclockers in mind. The concept is to give the card as much power as two 8 pin connectors can handle so that there is plenty of headroom to play with.

Liquid Cooled


AMD also added some nice lighting effects to the R9 Fury X with a light up logo, as well as status indicators.



Performance is entirely aimed at a smooth 4k experience. Average and minimum FPS look great for 4k ultra settings on Far Cry 4.



The Fury X isn’t the only card with Fiji. The R9 Fury will come with a cut down and air cooled die, but the R9 Fury Nano offers a very low power threshold as well as an extremely small profile. Mini-ITX builders will probably love these.



AMD also couldn’t resist throwing two full Fiji GPUs onto one board for a ridiculously powerful graphics card known as Project Quantum.



Finally, AMD doesn’t want us to forget that not only are these cards DirectX 12 ready, but Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be taking full advantage of the new API as well.

Deus Ex


There’s a good portion of the launch slides for the R9 Fury series. I’d say you should start saving your pennies but you might be better off selling a kidney. Maybe that’s not the best idea so instead, we’ll leave you with one final look at the R9 Fury X.



If you would like to see the entire launch slide, click the download link to the PDF file below.

AMD Next-Generation Radeon Graphics

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