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The AMD 300 Series Launch Deck

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Posted June 18, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

The 300 series may not be as revolutionary as the Fury cards, but some optimizations here and competitive pricing there leads to a fairly impressive looking line-up from AMD. Here’s a portion of the official launch slides from the R9 300 series of graphic cards.

300 Series


The R9 390X and 390 are not just re-brands. Sure, they may be using Hawaii architecture, but the GPU has been optimized to form the new Grenada cores. These bad boys will come with 8 GB of RAM clocked at 6000 MHz as well.



The 390 series is specifically targeting the 4k gaming experience. In particular, the R9 390X will be directly competing with the GTX 980. The performance isn’t looking bad in that arena at all.

390x performance


The R9 390 is specifically competing against the GTX 970 for 4k dominance. With the extra RAM and larger memory interface, it doesn’t seem to be having too much trouble winning.

390 Performance


The R9 380 series is looking to target that in between zone that many of us enthusiasts end up at. With 1440p resolutions and mid range budgets in mind, this card may be the sweet spot for a lot of people. Here, we get to see a refresh of the Tonga core, but this time the card has an available 4 GB of memory.



Since it’s primary rival is the GTX 960, the R9 380 is given some good comparisons at that 1440p resolution. The card certainly doesn’t seem to be having any issues there.

380 Performance


Finally, the R7 300 series of cards are targeting budget users who just want a good experience with the most popular online games. Can anyone say MOBAs? These are designed at giving a good quality of game play without having restrictive budget or power requirements.

R7 370


The R7 370 is going head-to-head with the GTX 750 Ti while maintaining a 1080p resolution with high settings. The frame rates look good for AAA titles and there is little doubt these cards can handle League of Legends at high or even maxed settings.

370 performance


The GTX 750 looks like it’s falling slightly behind the R7 360 at 1080p and high settings. This card may be the bottom of the barrel in some respects, but it looks to offer consumers a decent playable experience despite the budget orientation.

360 Performance


One other thing I want to point out is a new feature called Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC). This nifty feature allows users to set a target frame rate from with in the Catalyst. Games that would normally peak at way higher frames per second than monitor refresh rates will be throttled down so that the GPU isn’t being over-utilized and electricity isn’t being wasted. This feature will come out with the new drivers for the 300 series and I hope it has some backwards compatibility with previous generations as well. Also, just so we don’t forget, AMD reminds us that everything here is DirectX 12 compatible and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is ready to take full advantage of the new API.

Deus Ex


So there’s the official launch slides for the AMD 300 series releases. These cards aren’t as revolutionary as there big Fury brothers, but they are certainly competitive. Here’s a few more slides showcasing the GPUs for you to feast your eyes upon.



If you would like to see the entire launch slide, click the download link to the PDF file below.

AMD Next-Generation Radeon Graphics

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