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Club 3D Launches R7 and R9 300 Series

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Posted June 18, 2015 by RyanR in News

Club 3D Launches R7 and R9 300 Series


The rumors have been going round for months. But today the long wait comes to an end. Today we are proud to announce the brand new Club 3D Radeon™ R7 and R9 300 series! Value for money has always been of key importance for AMD based graphics cards and the new product stack pushes the boundaries again, providing unprecedented FPS for your money!
Whether you are looking for a capable new graphics card to dominate online gaming in 1080p Full HD resolution, or the best performance per dollar to play the latest AAA titles on your 4K Ultra HD screen or multi monitor setup, rest assured that you will find the card that meets your demands in the new Club 3D Radeon™ R7 and R9 300 series.



Gaming shouldn’t be a choice between choppy gameplay and high performance. With Club 3D Radeon™ 300 Series graphics and FreeSync™ technology, it doesn’t have to be. Transform the most demanding games into a liquid-smooth, artifact-free, 4K cinematic experience. Every gamer deserves perfectly smooth gameplay and peak performance.


• Render games at higher resolution and display them at lower resolution
• Smoother textures and edges
• Game and Engine agnostic solution
• Simulates Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing (SSAA) for games that don’t support it



In the Radeon™ R7 Series we introduce the 360. This attractively priced gaming card has what it takes to dominate online gaming. It features a quiet but capable cooler, supports AMD FreeSync™. Using the next gen, supercharged graphics and compute API’s: Vulkan, DirectX12, OpenGL 4.4 and Mantle it’s built for battle.

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One step up is the Club 3D Radeon™ R7 370 royalQueen. The specs make it clear; it features 1024 SP’s, 2GB of fast GDDR 5 memory and a 256 bit memory bus. We fitted a high performance CoolStream cooler which keeps the card cool and quiet at all times. The R7 370 is hard to beat when it comes to performance per dollar. If you want to play the current and upcoming AAA titles in Full HD resolution and enjoy support for the latest API’s like Vulkan, DirectX12 and OpenGL 4.4 this is the card for you.

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Things get serious with the Club 3D Radeon™ R9 380 royalQueen! With AMD Virtual Super Resolution you can enjoy a visual experience that rivals 4K gameplay, even on 1080p resolutions. Connect to an AMD FreeSync™ monitor for unbelievably smooth and ultra responsive gaming. With 4GB of GDDR5 memory and a faster memory interface you can easily connect multiple 1080p monitors in an Eyefinity configuration or jump directly to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Upgrade to the Radeon™ R9 380 if you’re planning to enter the world of Super High resolution and Virtual Reality gaming.

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Just looking at the Club 3D Radeon™ R9 390 and 390X makes you realize this is heavy weaponry! Fitted with a triple fan CoolStream cooler with 5 nickel plated heatpipes, the Radeon™ R9 390 and 390X pave the way for Extreme 4K gaming and open the door to a new reality with AMD LiquidVR technology. 2816 Stream Processors, 8 GB of blazing fast GDDR5 memory and wide 512 Bit memory bus make the R9 390 and 390X excellent value propositions in the higher end of the lineup. Connect multiple Full HD monitors in an AMD Eyefinity configuration or a 4K UHD FreeSync™ monitor for a liquid smooth, true to life, artifact free gaming experience. Add even more muscle with bridgeless AMD CrossFire technology which allows for a quad GPU setup for the highest frame rates possible. The Club 3D Radeon™ R9 390 an 390X royalQueen make extreme performance aordable. Your ticket to gaming supremacy!

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